ok at least one cup size larger.” Qin Yanan took out a set of underwear from the shopping bag, “What do you think?”

“What am I wearing this for?” Qin Zisi couldn’t laugh or cry. As a member of a special department who would go on missions to fight with others at any time, she would never wear something that affected the body’s ability to move. After all, in a life-and-death struggle, a little bit of discomfort would cause The impact may cause injury or even death.
This so-called adjustable underwear often makes people feel tight, affects breathing, and makes people feel discomfort in their shoulders, arms, and back.
“Women, you have to look beautiful all the time. Many times, if you have exquisite makeup, a dress, jewelry, and high heels, but you don’t have a date, but if you go out sloppily in slippers, pajamas, and pants, you will bump into your ex-boyfriend or love rival.” Qin Yanan was very happy. Summarize experience vigilantly.
Qin Yanan must dress carefully and check her makeup and clothing when she goes out now, because she will meet a lot of love rivals, and the chance of running into them is much higher than that of ordinary girls.
It is Qin Yanan’s self-cultivation to always be prepared to make her love rivals feel dwarfed and ashamed when they see her.
/“I have no ex-boyfriend, no love rival, and I won’t meet any boy who wants to attract his attention. I only have work in my eyes.” Qin Zisi shook his head. At the foot of the mountain, Liu Changan also said that Qin Zisi might There will be changes, but she definitely doesn’t want changes like the eldest sister.
The eldest sister has completely turned into a love brain or something, and there is no way to save her.
With this thought in mind, Qin Zisi walked out of the bedroom.
Qin Yanan also shook her head. The little girl who just wanted to work hard also made her feel a little emotional about thinking and reminiscing. However, considering that she was already a pregnant woman, her three views followed the baby’s health and future development. That was not a matter of course. ? There is no need to mind the difference between oneself and the past.
After changing clothes, Liu Changan also tidied up the kitchen. Qin Zisi was going to take the cable car down the mountain, and then take the subway to Building 2 of Baolong Center. Qin Yanan drove Liu Changan back.
“Sister Zhou should be in the store at this point. Dandan and Dongdong are playing with Zhu Juntang. Do you want to go and have a look together?” Qin Yanan basically knows the whereabouts of these people through the circle of friends. Dandan is just playing casually. , I post anything I see on Moments.
/As night fell, Liu Changan looked at the city lights outside the window and frowned, “She is still playing at this point? Yan Qingcheng has class tonight.”
“I saw you showing off Zhu Juntang’s growth in the circle of friends.” Qin Yanan was a little bit sour. He really tried his best to educate Zhu Juntang. I wonder if he will do the same to Liu Changchun in the future. Well, it must be true