who is considerate and caring around her? What about your male elders or brothers?

That feels better than a boyfriend. After all, this is a boyfriend. In short, whatever he gives is because he wants to get something from you. It’s not that simple.
But Professor Liu, the mysterious dragon who never saw his end, heard Yan Qingcheng say that he was her mother’s friend, so he would not covet Yan Qingcheng at all.
The same is true for Liu Changan. Although he looks very cruel and cruel to Zhu Juntang, he actually cares about Zhu Juntang very much. Even though Zhu Juntang is basically the kind of rich lady who lacks everything, he will give the kind of things that girls like to receive most. Cosmetics are very heart-warming.
“Actually, Professor Liu is also very kind to Xiaotang. Last time we had dinner at Teacher Qin’s house, when Xiaotang clamored for something to eat, Professor Liu would give her something to eat.” Yan Qingcheng said matter-of-factly, lest Zhu Juntang think Yan Qingcheng How could he compete with her for favor? Who would compete with a child who wants his father to only like him? Let her, let her.
“Oh oh oh, I heard what you said. Professor Liu seems to be a master of cooking. He even asked Liu Changan to cook for you. I really want to get to know such an elegant, easy-going, cultivated and knowledgeable elder. I feel like listening to him speak , you can benefit a lot from just getting some advice from him.” Tong Xi held her hands in front of her chest and yearned for it, but unfortunately the nearest male friend beside her was Qin Zhiqiang.
There’s nothing wrong with Qin Zhiqiang, it’s just that the little boy always lacks something.
Normally, I would not pay much attention to these shortcomings, but the Professor Liu described by Yan Qingcheng is simply the ceiling that girls look up to. That image is full of fatal charm, which is difficult to feel in boys of the same age.
/“Professor Liu, what’s wrong with you, Xiaotang?” Yan Qingcheng was about to speak when she felt something was wrong with the silence next to her. When she turned her head, she saw Zhu Juntang showing a sad expression: “It turns out dad only loves Chengbao and not Tangbao at all.” Come.
/This is really a misunderstanding! Yan Qingcheng is very aware of Professor Liu’s attention and care for her. Part of her does like Yan Qingcheng, but the most important thing is for her mother’s face.
Zhu Juntang is different. She is most likely Professor Liu’s biological daughter, born from the head of the world’s evil forces. Yan Qingcheng is at best a stepdaughter. How can a stepdaughter want to compete with her biological daughter for some reason?
Yan Qingcheng just couldn’t refuse Professor Liu’s care, and she also longed for more. This shouldn’t be anything, after all, it’s not a competition for the love of men and women, or heterosexual love, the nature is completely different!
“Sure enough, wherever there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Even if I wash my hands in a golden basin, I can’t wash away the disputes in the riv