n. An. After Nuan found out, she had no choice but to help cover it up.” Su Mei stroked Zhong Qing’s silky hair and analyzed calmly.

If this is the case, Zhong Qing is not so uncomfortable, and is still a little worried. Will there be some kind of mistake in the future, that is, Liu Changan mistook Zhong Qing for Bai Fen?
/That’s not possible!
“Didn’t you also find that Liu Yuewang came to check out a room alone twice later? Maybe those two times were when Liu Changan stayed at her house and An Nuan spent the night. Liu Yuewang wanted to avoid another mistake, or maybe In order to avoid being unable to resist the temptation, she simply ran out to get a room, otherwise her family lives in the Orange Garden Community across the river, so why would she come to the hotel to get a room in the middle of the night?” Su Mei chuckled.
Many women also have the experience of getting tired of staying at home, looking for some excuse to pursue a sense of ritual, and come to a hotel for a day. But they usually come in the afternoon, swim, work out, go to the spa, and reserve an exquisite dinner at the restaurant. , go to the hotel’s Skyline Bar in the evening to look for an affair, instead of running over there in the middle of the night like Liu Yuewang and finishing it off.
All doubts were cleared. Zhong Qing rested his head on Su Mei’s thigh and thought that he could ask Liu Changan about this matter. Given his temperament, he would not be angry or care about her.
Oh, I understand. In fact, this is the task assigned to me by the third wife. She said so much, and she was talking about speculations, but she still wanted a confirmation.
“Dongdong and Dandan should have been freeing up for a day today, and they probably haven’t eaten anything good. I haven’t treated them to supper for a long time. I’ll call Liu Changan.” Zhongqing understood what Su Mei meant and went arranged.
Su Mei looked at Zhong Qing’s graceful back and nodded with a smile. The maid preparing for the marriage must be so considerate, so that she can help push the waist and other things in the future, instead of trying to compete with the young lady for favor.
As soon as Zhongqing walked away, the lamb jumped up, twisted randomly, and ran up with its limbs.
Su Mei frowned, the little sheep was still wearing a set of black armor.
/“Mom, look at my new battle armor. Now I am Nightmare Zhan Baa.” The little sheep raised his head majestically. With this armor, Nightmare Zhan Baa is not afraid even if he is whipped.
“What is the Nightmare War Armor?” Su Mei looked at it carefully. The material of this armor was top-notch precision materials in a certain laboratory. After she made two sets of armors, there was not much material left. The subsequent reconstruction plan was actually used by Zhu Juntang to create this thing?
“The little fairy sheep who puts on the Nightmare Armor is the Nightmare Zhanba. I also made a set for my father. From now on, we will wear the Nightmare Armor to play together and conquer the world.” The little sheep said on Su Mei’s body