ow wow wow!” Han Zhizhi rushed over happily.

An Nuan quickly let go of Liu Changan’s hand and ran over to stop Han Zhizhi to prevent her from making a fuss and yelling. Although she boldly took Liu Changan’s hand home, she would definitely be bumped into by an acquaintance. Somewhat embarrassed.
“Go back first and give me the message in three minutes.” An Nuan turned around and said to Liu Changan.
Liu Changan nodded and watched An Nuan and Han Zhizhi leave. He had a smile on his face, but he thought of the phrase “Holding your hand and growing old together” in his heart. This was basically impossible for him, but since the Shangguan family My little girl can do it, why can’t others?
Figure it out slowly.
After watching Liu Changan leave, An Nuan let Han Zhizhi go, fearing that this crazy girl would catch up with Liu Changan and yell “brother-in-law”, which would be too embarrassing.
“This boy has a clean smell and a calm temperament.” Of course, a woman of Professor Ling’s age does not just look at people for handsomeness. She looked at Liu Changan’s back and looked away, and said to An Nuan with a smile.
“No, he didn’t even take a shower when he was practicing with us today. He smells like sweat.” An Nuan said shyly.
“Then you still rely on him so tightly!” Han Zhizhi immediately exposed An Nuan.
An Nuan had no choice but to give her a beating. Will it be the same when she falls in love?
“It’s just that he walks too slowly. Look at him wandering like this for a long time before he can walk that far.” Professor Ling added.
“I am idle now. When that idiot blocked Nuan Nuan that day, he ran from Hedong to Hexi, but he came here very quickly.” Han Zhizhi was still a little envious of the boy who was willing to fight for An Nuan and even became a boy. My friend, at that time An Nuan said that she and Liu Changan were just good friends. Today it seems that she got her wish.
“How are you talking?” Professor Ling looked at Han Zhizhi in a dignified manner.
Han Zhizhi disagreed. Nowadays, if a girl doesn’t say a few dirty words, others will treat you as a green tea girl. It’s pretentious.
Of course, An Nuan is an exception. Anyone who says An Nuan is a green tea girl will be hacked to death.
“Go home, I’ve been practicing football all day and I’m so sleepy.” An Nuan said.
“I’ll come over and sleep with you tonight.”
An Nuan nodded. The reason a girl comes over to sleep is that she has something to gossip about with you at night.
“Go to bed early. I have an appointment with a coach to learn driving tomorrow morning. Don’t get up too late and complain that it’s too hot and don’t want to go.”
“Oh, I don’t want to go at all.”
/“I’m going to school tomorrow morning too.”
Professor Ling did not continue to talk about Liu Changan’s topic, but quietly sent a message to Liu Yuewang: Your precious daughter came back holding her boyfriend’s hand.
Professor Ling felt that this was not a snitch. Since An Nuan was so generous, it meant that she was not afraid of being seen by others.
I am eighteen years old and h