and his teeth were knocked against each other. He looked at Zhu Juntang in disbelief, could he please stop adding salt to other people’s wounds?

“Forget it, I have a skirt over there. I waited for a year to get it. I will lend it to you first. The gems on it, if converted into RMB, can smash An Nuan to pieces. We are rare for the skirt made by Liu Changan. Really? Bah!” Zhu Juntang covered his face, pulled Bai Hui and walked out of the venue.
When Zhu Juntang goes out to play, in addition to the bread man, he will also follow the nanny car. After all, when the little fairy is tired, she can only sleep on her familiar and fragrant bed. She only needs to use the toilet that she has used, and of course the nanny car will also be used. Prepare a little skirt that she likes.
“But he told me once that only his girlfriend has the right to eat his saliva, isn’t it? It’s quite disgusting,” Bai Hui couldn’t help but blushed and said .
Zhu Juntang turned around and glared at her. He really wanted to kick her. Can a girl be more reserved, proud and promising?
After Liu Changan gave Zhu Juntang a small lesson, he felt slightly refreshed.
There is a long way to go on how to train her. This is an event that requires long-term planning and execution. Liu Changan has a lot of patience.
Zhu Juntang is still just a little lamb, so it is understandable that she is extra naughty and mischievous. Liu Changan does not intend to care too much, but he must give her some lessons, lest she one day make Liu Changan unable to help but peel off her skin. , made into various mutton feasts.
/Do you want to give a little hint that although he is not her “father” in the usual sense, her birth still has something to do with him?
Liu Changan was a little hesitant. He was looking forward to the emergence of a new type of interpersonal relationship, but if he thought about it carefully, he was afraid that the harm would outweigh the benefits. Zhu Juntang became arrogant because of this, and consciously hugged his thighs tighter. From then on, he was brave on the road to death. Singing high, no one can stop you, it is possible to reach Juechen all the way.
Suppressing this thought for the time being, Liu Changan took out his phone and saw a picture message from Zhu Juntang. It was a girl’s skirt that had been lifted up, revealing the joint between the waist and legs wrapped in stockings.
There was also a piece of paper attached to it, with a few crooked words written on it: “For Liu Changan’s exclusive use.”
Judging from the situation in the photo, it seems that the girl was concentrating on something, but Zhu Juntang found an opportunity to play a prank.
The reason why we can tell that this is a girl and not some kind of creature like a cross-dressing man is because the shape of the buttocks of men and women is very different. The female shape is plumper, with more fat, and the angle between the posterior and superior iliac crests. The angle between the two posterior superior iliac crests is only 60 degrees.
/Therefore, heart-shaped butts ar