chases because of this situation. The hotel’s own brand is also an international first-class luxury. But this is probably the worst-maintained hardware facility of this brand in the country.

Liu Yuewang was not completely dissatisfied. There was thick snow next to the outdoor pool, the steam in the pool was steaming, and the small trees next to it were covered with rime ice branches. It was really beautiful.
/“Mom, what does this poem mean?” An Nuan took a screenshot, leaving only the picture of the poem for Liu Yuewang to see.
“Niu Xiji’s “Linjiang Immortal” was written by Tang people, and Niu Xiji is good. You can’t understand this poem? Are you still my daughter?” Liu Yuewang said dissatisfiedly, “Simply speaking, that’s what the lyrics mean. When the poet saw Wushan, he remembered that the King of Chu and the witch once left a good story here, and he sighed a little.”
An Nuan understands this meaning, so she is a little shy. Does Liu Changan mean that he saw the photo she sent him and remembered “a good story” between the two of them? Are you implicitly hinting that you want to be intimate with her?
My boyfriend is different. Most boys nowadays probably only say “cute, miss the sun”, right?
/When An Nuan’s cheeks were rising, he suddenly remembered that he only sent this poem after he asked him that question. What did he mean?
Liu Yuewang looked out the window and saw the steaming outdoor pool not far away. She couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. An Nuan had grown up in an instant. She had to use tactful words when speaking poems to her to avoid embarrassment. For example, she originally wanted to say that the king of Chu and The witch in Wushan Yunyu was replaced by “a good story” abruptly.
It has been a long time since she talked about poetry with An Nuan. The older the girl grows, the more she looks like her, but her temperament and hobbies are completely different. An Nuan has no interest in studying or liking the poetry that Liu Yuewang loves. At best, he could memorize a few more songs than his peers, and he could barely absorb Liu Yuewang’s overflowing literary temperament under the influence of his ears and eyes.
When Liu Yuewang thought of this, he started to talk, and then he talked to An Nuan: “This poem by Niu Xiji is included in “Huajian Collection”, E version, Lu version, Wu Chao version, Tang Ping version, Zhang version, The Siku version and many other versions have some slight differences in wording. When I read this poem when I was a child, I felt strange, what is the meaning of the word Xiangmi?”
“What’s the meaning of the word Xiangmai?” An Nuan repeated Liu Yuewang’s question. Her mind was not on this word at all. She was a little unsure of Liu Changan’s meaning. How dare he so arrogantly imply that he had been with Professor Liu has a good story?
Probably not.
He couldn’t tell, An Nuan folded his hands in front of his chest and frowned. In front of her, sometimes Liu Changan was afraid that she would start to act, so he would often choose to compromise.
But being so far away,