god he had encountered before.

“Search and see if you can find anything!” Dick Sky Knight also said with a disappointed look on his face.
This time they had offended three great nobles and chose to take matters into their own hands and steal the mission from three young knights.
Although the enemy’s strength is too strong, no one is stupid. With Baron Arthur’s two sky knights here, even if the three sky knights don’t take action, this mission will not be impossible.
If they can’t find the ‘Idol of the Ancient God’, their attack on the temple this time is equivalent to making a wedding dress for others.
You must know that they have negotiated terms with Baron Arthur. They will give Baron Arthur the credit for breaching the temple this time in order to obtain the option of Baron Arthur not to intervene.
Now the temple was breached, but they got nothing.
“There are traces of battle here!” Bernal Sky Knight shouted in the corridor.
/Lydgate Sky Knight and Dick Sky Knight rushed over and saw the thorn fragments in the corridor. They moved forward and saw blood on the ground.
This made the three sky knights look at each other. Could it be an internal strife among the followers of the evil god?
Because there were no corpses on the ground, they could not see too many traces of the battle. The most important thing was that the battle between the five sky knights was too simple and they did not use much strength at all, so they would not leave any traces.
From the more than 20 evil god believers at the beginning to the two fourth-level black-robed priests at the end, during the entire battle, except for one attack by more than 20 evil god believers, it became a one-sided battle between the five sky knights. massacre.
As for the ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’, although it was developed by nobles, it is not surprising that this secret technique, which does not require the power of blood, is spread to the followers of the evil god.
They also don’t believe that anyone can enter the temple if the security pattern of the temple is not broken, unless it is not a human being.
Lydgate Sky Knight and their guesses were correct. David was indeed not in a human state when he entered the temple, but a flash of lightning, which prevented the security pattern from blocking him.
/“There are signs of demolition here. It should be that a portal has been demolished!” Bernal Sky Knight discovered something new on the other side and shouted.
Disappointment arose in the hearts of the three sky knights. Needless to say, some followers of the evil god left through the portal. The remaining followers of the evil god should have dismantled the portal. In the end, for some unknown reason, the remaining followers of the evil god clashed.
“Look again, the believer of the evil god who took away the portal must not have gone far!” Lydgate Sky Knight said in a deep voice.
While the three sky knights were searching, David moved forward underground as fast as he could. He emerged from the ground a few kilometers away from the temple. He used the