ly burn his homework? Am I really a child who doesn’t like studying so much that he even burns his homework books?

“Go and look under the electric heating table.” Liu Changan stopped teasing her. When Zhou Dongdong started to light the fire, it was normal to start with his own homework book, but he would not burn the homework book where he wrote his winter vacation homework.
Zhou Dongdong quickly put on his small schoolbag and ran to the living room. He bent down and rushed under the electric heating table to rummage around. Because he usually likes to sit there and watch TV, Zhou Dongdong put a lot of things there.
As for why Zhou Dongdong sat on Liu Changan’s bed and rummaged through his schoolbag, of course it was because Zhou Dongdong had discovered that although Brother Changan was easily beaten around him, he could often eat delicious food, and there were many things about Brother Changan. Now, we can help Zhou Dongdong solve the problem smoothly.
Zhou Dongdong quickly found the winter vacation homework book, which proved this point again. Sure enough, Zhou Dongdong’s children must be together with brother Chang’an forever, so that Zhou Dongdong’s children can be happy.
It’s unimaginable what kind of beating Zhou Dongdong will suffer if her mother discovers that her winter vacation homework book is missing before going to school.
When my mother hits her children, she always makes them scream, unlike Brother Changan who mainly bullies them.
Zhou Dongdong put his winter vacation homework books in his schoolbag and went to see his mother in a big way. There was no need to hide in brother Chang’an’s bedroom.
/Liu Changan also got up and walked to the living room. He saw something strange about the mouse. He picked it up and took a look. Shangguan Dandan put the charging cable on the bottom of the mouse again. There was clearly a charging hole there.
This also reminded Liu Changan that he was going to torture Shangguan Dandan, so after washing his face and brushing his teeth, he went downstairs with high spirits. Dealing with Shangguan Dandan was not an easy task. Even he felt that there was some challenge and he had to let him go. Your energy and spirit are at their best.
Liu Changan seemed to be the last one to get up today, and Shangguan Dandan was already sitting downstairs boiling water.
Although she could drink champagne water every day, Shangguan Dandan did not neglect her effervescent tablets. She would boil a little less water in the morning and use the effervescent tablets to drink. After all, most of the morning was spent playing cards. It would be very sad if someone else easily wins away the money that the Queen Mother has saved so hard after drinking champagne.
Today, Shangguan Dandan wore a red short cotton-padded jacket with a white collar and sleeves, a row of finely crafted buttons on the chest, and a big hood on the back. She covered her hair It’s put in a hood, and coupled with a pink brocade horse-face skirt, it looks very festive, just like those dolls in the New Year MV congratulat