room price is only 50% of the listed price. For catering, gym and parking lot, etc. Li Hongfang didn’t pay too much attention to the use of supporting facilities. Her only request was to let her former supervisor in the housekeeping department be responsible for her current housekeeping service.

Being in charge of guest room service does not mean asking the supervisor to clean the guest rooms. Although such conditions are a bit strange, Manager Zhao has no reason not to agree. The following staff are hired to meet the various needs of guests. ?
/Li Hongfang worked neatly and cheerfully. After signing the contract, she went to the suite to open the black box she carried with her, and carefully scanned the walls, ceilings, chandeliers, TVs, vents, curtains, sockets, decorative paintings, bathrooms, cloakrooms, etc. Where to install the camera.
Nothing was found.
Li Hongfang was relieved, so he installed the cameras he carried in several locations secretly and checked them carefully. Unless a professional like himself brought professional inspection equipment, it would be difficult to find them.
After doing all this, Li Hongfang looked at the cloakroom in the suite and was quite satisfied with the cloakroom with such a large full-length mirror, which was one of the reasons why Li Hongfang chose this room type.
Men often don’t notice that when many women book a guest room, they can see their whole body and take selfies in the large mirror, which makes them look taller and have slender legs. This is a very good selection criterion.
A cloakroom like this makes people want to seriously enrich it. Li Hongfang was going to buy some clothes. As soon as she walked out of the door, she saw her former supervisor Wang Fang walking over.
Wang Fang’s face was a little embarrassed, with some jealousy and resentment hidden.
When Li Hongfang was working here, Wang Fang always suspected that Li Hongfang was seducing Manager Zhao, always wearing small shoes for Li Hongfang, saying that Li Hongfang was coquettish, saying that Li Hongfang went to Manager Zhao’s office without wearing underwear on purpose, and even spit in Li Hongfang’s cup.
Later, Liu Changan came to Li Hongfang and took Li Hongfang to see Su Nanxiu for treatment. Before Li Hongfang was about to leave the hotel, he also beat Wang Fang.
“I’m going out now. Help me tidy up the room.” Li Hongfang glanced lazily at Wang Fang and walked towards the elevator.
At first, Wang Fang didn’t believe it, until Manager Zhao asked her to take charge of Li Hongfang’s room service. Wang Fang was very resistant, but there was nothing she could do. After all, this was her job, and Manager Zhao had no reason to offend customers for her. .
/Looking at Li Hongfang’s vixen-like small waist and big butt, Wang Fang sneered. This woman must have been kept, maybe it was the young man she brought to the employee rest area last time.
Such young men’s eyes light up when they look at such little vixens, and only their figures are in their eyes. How can they pay attention to the more attract