tle of the book, when Chu Weiyang was writing, he couldn’t write it. In the process of writing the talismans and seal patterns with iron hooks and silver hooks, the silent fortune induction continues to change as the Taoist script is completed.

Only this time, the clear stream transformed by cleverness that day not only poured into Chu Weiyang, but also poured into Qing He.
Furthermore, the transformation and sublimation of the power of ordinary luck and the wisdom of heaven and wisdom simultaneously filled the two people’s majestic thoughts and ideas with unimaginable prosperity.
Of course, in the face of such subtle changes, Chu Weiyang, who was under the influx of divine intelligence almost all the time, and had the assistance of the treasure of luck, could hardly notice any obvious changes. Even if inspiration emerged, it was only It’s just that the process of teaching Chu Weiyang to write scriptures was a little faster.
But such a change suddenly became apparent in Qing He!
You know, although the monks in Baihualou are the best at gathering momentum, Qinghe has never experienced any rise in fame since he started practicing Taoism, because he only has the reputation of a direct disciple of a great religion to maintain his own fortune. Number, it will not wither and cause any bad luck or disaster.
But to say that the power of luck has skyrocketed is something Qing He has never experienced before.
Not to mention, now because of Chu Weiyang’s relationship, what has been brought to him is the wisdom of heaven after the power of luck has transformed and sublimated!
The sudden burst of inspiration itself almost made Qing He lose his mind because of it!
Is this the wonderful place of cultivation where the master will stay for a long time?
/Almost instantly, Qing He, who was sitting on the bed of clouds, saw the whirlpool of evil energy surrounding Baihua suddenly intensify, and the momentum was so raging that it even reminded him of the scene when Shi Yuting was practicing in the past.
What’s more important is that at this moment, in the hazy halo behind Qing He’s head, there is a photo of a real Taoist map. The Taoist map slowly unfolds, with hundreds of flowers overlapping it, turning into a wedding dress figure. , at first glance, the green lotus is not on it, but the colorful wedding dress seems to be blown up by the invisible wind.
The scene of flying clothes fits the hazy Taoist charm, and then vaguely reveals the outline of the body being draped by Qing He.
When I looked at it again, on the contrary, among the flowers intertwined with the seal patterns of hundreds of flowers, every word in the seal seemed to have the shape of Qing He himself, and then it was decorated with various shapes. Stretch your waist in different postures.
It seemed that Chu Weiyang had explored the magical method of “yoga” in the past to penetrate into the realm of wonderful form and spirit, and it also seemed to be an interpretation of the overlapping secret methods of the Baihualou wedding dress line.
And as Qinghe Cave en