k, Bai Hui said calmly: “I chatted with An Nuan until midnight last night. She usually stays at her grandpa’s house during the Spring Festival. This year, the family is playing at the ski resort in Changbai Mountain.”

“You are also a little rich woman, and you feel that the quality of life is not as good as Annuan. Why do you always stay in Junsha, and I don’t see you going to any islands or ski resorts to check in.” Lu Yuan said with a half-smile, and then suddenly realized, “I understand. Yeah, you have to arrange your time so that you can poach someone while An Nuan is away.”
“I’m so mad at you, mother!” Miao Yingying was almost furious. Although she also supported Bai Hui’s poaching, she couldn’t stand being ridiculed by others. She was even more annoyed that it was so easy to get together and get away, do you understand? If you don’t want it, you have to make trouble so that we can’t meet each other in the future?
Bai Hui grabbed Miao Yingying, who was dancing and trying to push Lu Yuan. After all, Miao Yingying was not Zhu Juntang. Zhu Juntang could just snap his fingers and a cart of breadmen would rush over and beat Lu Yuan half to death. Miao Yingying didn’t have that. ability.
“Yeah, what does it have to do with you?” Bai Hui looked at Lu Yuan coldly.
Lu Yuan and Qian Ning looked at each other in surprise, and then their eyes burned with anger. Why did she admit it? How could she admit it!
“What I said today is a bit bitchy, but you are the ones who forced me to do it. Do you feel that the girl you have liked for a long time and have been chasing but can’t get is here to be coquettish and shameless to pursue a girl you didn’t like before? Boys, your self-esteem has been hit? Can’t you accept it?” Bai Hui sneered, “She would rather have a good impression of a boy who has a girlfriend, but not give you a chance, thinking that she is cool and noble in front of you. , are you feeling unbalanced because you act mean in front of others?”
Bai Hui finally figured it out. When he was ridiculed by Qian Ning, Lu Yuan, and their girlfriends, he always endured it and then looked aggrieved. But after all, he was the one who could stand up to An Nuan. Isn’t it possible to fight back against Qian Ning and Lu Yuan?
The words she said were not really what she meant, but if she hurt herself eight hundred, she would hurt her enemy a thousand. The worst they could do was beat her.
“Good on you, Bai Hu.” Qian Ning pointed at Bai Hu, his hands shaking with anger.
“We are blind.” Lu Yuan yelled angrily, then waved his hands and left.
Qian Ning raised his hand, but did not make a move after all. He snorted and caught up with Lu Yuan.
/“You are so cruel, I am really afraid that they will beat you.” Miao Yingying came back to her senses in shock.
“They are not Liu Changan. They don’t dare to hit people casually.” Bai Hui sighed and said. What she said today was indeed a bit excessive. Now she somewhat understands what Miao Yingying did when she threw away the shoes given by Lin Xinhuai. .
/“Why do I feel that you are a li