-dimensional beautiful girl.” Liu Changan said happily.

Zhao Wuqiang was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Don’t you like An Nuan?”
Liu Changan nodded, patted Zhao Wuqiang on the shoulder, and walked slowly and leisurely to the school.
“Liu Changan!”
/When Liu Changan turned around, he saw Bai Hui standing behind him. He and Zhao Wuqiang were standing behind the bus station awning. Bai Hui was coming from the other side.
“What a coincidence.” Zhao Wuqiang shrugged and left without incident.
“Did you hear that?” Liu Changan stopped and looked at Bai Hui, whose cheeks were slightly red, and said.
“You knew I was here and you said that on purpose, right?” Bai Hui looked at Liu Changan without showing any expression.
“Zhao Wuqiang thought the same way. He probably even cursed someone like a scheming man.” Liu Changan said regretfully, “What a misunderstanding. I was completely honest.”
“Who would believe you?” Bai Hui raised her head and passed by Liu Changan. Her hair swept up, with the smell of fresh shampoo, and touched the tip of Liu Changan’s nose.
There is no need to praise the peaches and plums for their romance;
Half of the spring breeze has been lost.
Liu Changan didn’t believe it himself, so he still walked slowly to the school. He didn’t go directly to the classroom. Instead, he came to the gymnasium and sat. As soon as he sat down, he saw An Nuan and the volleyball team members changing clothes and coming out of the locker room. , a whole team almost gathered the most slender and toned thighs in the entire high school.
The first and second graders have to study in the morning and practice after school. An Nuan can arrange her time freely. Except for the Junsha City High School Volleyball League in June, An Nuan will not participate in other small competitions.
“Nuan Nuan, Liu Changan is getting more and more courageous. He has already stopped studying by himself.”
/“He’s here to see you. He’s a big pervert and he loves nothing more than watching you little girls.”
“Bah, if he was a big pervert, you would have been tainted long ago!”
“Hehe, do you think An Nuan is still a little girl like you?”
“Ah! Ah! I want to be beaten!”
The girls played for a while and then started to do warm-up exercises. At this time, the side door of the gymnasium was pushed open, and an extremely tall figure fell on the floor with the sun behind him. He stretched out his finger and hooked Liu Changan.
Liu Changan followed him out. An Nuan saw him and ran over quickly. The only one in the school who was so tall and strong was Chen Changxiu!
When An Nuan ran over, she was stunned to find that Liu Changan was sitting on the steps behind the gymnasium leisurely, while Chen Changxiu was lying on the ground rolling with a bruised nose and face.
“Ah, are you okay?” An Nuan looked at Liu Changan. Fortunately, Liu Changan didn’t look like anything was wrong.
Hearing An Nuan’s voice, Chen Changxiu stopped rolling. After all, he was a little embarrassed. He gritted his teeth and stood up, looking at Liu Changan wi