ve been eaten by her. The coffin in front of her was clearly unable to absorb even a little bit of vitality and vitality that was so close at hand. An ordinary person like Zhu Juntang, who was defenseless, could feel something staring at her, but in fact she was safe and sound.

It was not on the same level as Shangguan Dandan’s coffin. Liu Changan could even feel that the contents in the coffin were in the final stage of annihilation.
I looked back and saw that all the bats hanging upside down under the eaves had spread their wings, and their beady little eyes were staring at Liu Changan.
/“You cute little things, are you trying to lure me here to rescue your master?” Liu Changan thought for a moment and realized that these bats may not necessarily be from the same nest as the bats that used to monitor him.
There are many intelligent creatures in this world, the only difference is the number of neurons. Just like Liu Changan looks at Zhu Juntang, and ordinary people look at Haqishi, they actually have the same mentality. Ordinary people may find it incredible that someone can control a bat, but in Liu Changan’s opinion, it is not much different from training other animals.
“Are there vampires here?” Zhu Juntang lowered his voice, feeling as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest, as if someone was beating a drum next to his eardrums.
“How do I know? I have never seen a vampire.” Liu Changan was also looking forward to it. Whether it was the things in the coffin driving the bats or the bats seducing Liu Changan, this is an interesting thing.
“Can you beat a vampire?” Zhu Juntang asked nervously when he saw Liu Changan preparing to lift the coffin lid.
“How do you know whether you can pass a fight if you haven’t fought before?” Liu Changan often talks nonsense, but nonsense and bragging are two different things. Liu Changan believes that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. He will not do this kind of thing that has no experience or confirmation at all. Too confident.
“What if you release a vampire that we can’t defeat, and we become a pair of desperate mandarin ducks later? Or the kind that has been sucked dry of blood, my God, it’s a chicken, goose, and bird. Something like that!” Zhu Juntang imagined it for a moment, and it was too ugly. She didn’t want to die in this way. Even if a fairy like herself died, she should lie on a bamboo raft with flowers piled around her. Looking at the quiet lake water, drifting into the eternal space waiting for resurrection.
Having his blood sucked dry and dying like a wax product, Zhu Juntang would rather die than die like this.
/“Yuanyang, that’s a word used to describe a couple. We are at most desperate people and mounts. You have become a sheep. Have you ever eaten a sheep?” Liu Changan waved his hand, “Think about it with your brain, what’s going on here?” If something has the ability to kill us, can this broken coffin trap it? I would have jumped out and killed you. Also, your combat power is zero. Don’t put it side by side with me. We are ours.