ang was sixty years old, a wealthy man still lost everything for her. Someone asked him, what’s the point of doing this for such an old woman? The man said: You are not me, how can you know how happy I am? ?Although he was old, his hair was as black as paint, his complexion was as pale, his body was made of more flesh than bones, and his skin was as smooth as condensed fat. The love he fell in love with was in my generation, and he was safe and sound.”

Liu Changan is not making up stories, and Caotou Niang is indeed an acquaintance. Her family has always been a beggar family, but her great-grandfather was the tombkeeper of Liu Changan’s tomb. He has guarded Liu Changan’s tomb for three generations, knowing full well that there are countless gold, silver and jewelry in the tomb. But he would rather be a beggar than steal anything from the tomb. Liu Changan originally wanted Caotou Niang to be his maid, but he was a little displeased because of her too romantic temperament, so he casually asked her what she wanted during the chat. Wish, Caotou Niang’s wish is to have an eternal appearance.
Real ageless appearance is no different from immortality, and Liu Changan can’t do it, but there is no problem in keeping her youthful for decades.
Of course, the method he used was not the way he would treat his beloved. He had no interest in romantic women like Cao Tou Niang who turned all living beings upside down. He had no chance of having anything to do with her. He just returned to her ancestors. Accumulated virtue.
“Sixty years old, these people have too strong tastes.” An Nuan looked stiffly surprised, but it was not surprising. Liu Changan likes to read some weird and interesting legendary notes, and she has read a lot of them. , knowing that the actions of the ancients are not bad at all with the various strange stories of modern times.
/“If you could have an ageless appearance, would you do it?” Liu Changan asked, “But don’t be so romantic.”
“Are you hinting at my mother again?” An Nuan didn’t answer Liu Changan’s question because she hurriedly became vigilant and her reaction was too slow! Although Professor Liu is not as promiscuous as Cao Tou Niang and has always been very clean, I feel that Professor Liu is sixty years old. He is probably “black as paint, with a pale complexion, and his body is more flesh than bone, and his skin is as smooth as gelatin.” some type of.
Liu Changan sighed and looked at the dense leaves above his head. Forget it, he was too lazy to consider her opinions and ideas. He couldn’t help her.
An Nuan’s body fat rate is about 20%, which is actually a very healthy figure, but she can still be a little fleshier. Liu Changan doesn’t like women with too low body fat rate. After all, the standard reflected in natural evolution is still It is very meaningful. A woman with a normal body fat rate has better reproduction and survival capabilities, and thus has a stronger temptation for men. This is also natural, so there is no problem at all for men to like big men.
Twenty-five percent is a figur