0 frigate behind him made a low explosion.

That was when the energy in the engine of the No. 10 frigate exploded due to damage to the engine. At least the area dozens of meters closer to the engine was destroyed.
The frigates here were very close, only more than fifty meters away. In addition, David’s surprise attack was so fast that the engine of the No. 10 frigate was destroyed before all the frigates had time to react.
David flew against the wall of the ship and flew towards the No. 9 frigate. The close-range firepower on the No. 9 frigate was activated, and dense bullets flew towards David.
David rushed past the No. 10 frigate, and his momentum slowed down. Only then was he locked by close-in defense fire. This self-locking close-in defense weapon does not require any command. It will automatically lock when an enemy is approaching. excitation.
David was well prepared. He threw the ship wall marked by the fourth-grade ‘deceleration epee’ in his hand, which immediately attracted some close firepower. He blocked the fourth-grade ‘deceleration epee’ from his body. before, accelerating again.
He heard the dinging sound coming from his body, but it was not easy for these non-grade bullets to break through his exoskeleton armor.
David only needed to prevent bullets in front of him and slow him down. As long as a large number of bullets did not hit him at the same time, with the powerful engine of his golden exoskeleton armor, he did not have to worry about being blocked.
The distance of fifty was very short. After two breaths, David rushed to the frigate. His figure just flashed and disappeared outside the frigate, leaving an extra hole in the frigate’s hull.
/With the last experience, he became more proficient this time. He ignored everything else and just used his speed, the sharpness of the weapon and the master-level ‘Epee Space Cutting’ ability to rush towards the engine.
Sirens, flashing lights, and angry roars all flashed and disappeared as David continued to pass through the wall. It was a complete joke to deal with a strong man holding a fourth-level weapon inside the battleship.
“Everyone separate, disperse, disperse immediately!” When Captain Ebenezer saw the image coming from the light screen in front of him, he ordered loudly.
/In just over ten seconds, the engines of the two frigates were destroyed and they completely lost their combat effectiveness.
At the same time, Captain Ebenezer also saw clearly the appearance of the soldier through the transmitted picture. Although his face was hidden by the mask, the golden exoskeleton armor was the iconic costume of the ‘Federal God of War’.
“That soldier is David!” Captain Ebenezer exclaimed.
Now that David is here, he doesn’t need to attack the military base to complete the mission.
To be honest, if you risk attacking a military base, you must silence them, and kill all the soldiers in the entire base without leaving any one behind.
Once any evidence is left, Admiral Longfellow cannot protect them no matter how powerful he is.
Now that he found