his peak within three to five years, comparable to his original supreme demon body.

Si Wan showed his surprise and envied Wu Qiong for having a body that fit perfectly as soon as he was released from prison. However, he didn’t say anything and just responded with a sneer, showing that he was not in a hurry.
In the past, the two demons were captured by the Immortal Realm and handed over to the personal care of the Erwu Zai from the Heavenly Demon Realm.
Because he had been one of his own in the past, Er Wu Zai was very good at dealing with extraterrestrial demons. He stripped off the soul’s seal and imprisoned him, and his physical body was directly destroyed without leaving any residue.
/In comparison, the methods used by the natives of the fairyland to seal the demons from outside the realm are relatively unsophisticated. It is difficult for the immortals to strip away the spirit of the demons from outside the realm. They can only seal it together with the physical body and use the treasure of the heavenly prison to weaken the power of the demon.
Getting back to the subject, Si Fei knew that Shi Wuchang’s physical body had little merit. Since there were not many physical bodies to choose from in the secret realm, he had to settle for second best and temporarily wronged himself.
He hopes to leave the secret realm as soon as possible and pick a suitable body to regain his body.
It was very difficult. Not only him, but also Wuqiong Xinzun, who had transformed into a Taoist Zhunti, could not leave the secret realm.
Although the extraterrestrial demons broke out of the seal, the secret realm was not completely revealed. They took several ink-character tokens, but in the end, due to Bai Hu’s tampering, they could not get out even after taking the tokens.
Speaking of which, there is actually hope for the Four Wastes Heart Master. Shi Wuchang, who took his body, once obtained the genuine ink token from Lu Bei.
Unexpectedly, Jing Xinwu was ordered by Bai Hu to stir up trouble and fell in love with the local gang Tianwai Tower. The owner of the building, Shi Wuchang, was the first to bear the brunt and got a fake token that could only be entered but not exited.
When Lu Bei saw this situation, he immediately took back his token. Due to some unexpected circumstances, Si Zhanzun could only stare.
Fortunately, the problem was not big. The two demons were very successful in seizing the body. The memories of Zhunti and Shi Wuchang were well preserved. After a search, they found such a pretty boy with the face of a lewd thief.
/If you find the pretty boy, you will have a great chance of leaving the secret realm.
Before that, they had to seize the opportunity left by Er Wu Zai to make up for the lost strength, so as not to capsize in the gutter and be surrendered by the monks from the lower world.
If that were the case, where would the illustrious name of the demon outside the territory be put, wouldn’t it become useless?
Wu Qiong Xinzun changed his appearance and asked Si Fei to call himself ‘Zhunti Tao