sensed it in his mind.

Transform the immeasurable into the infinite.
Earlier, the infinite changes themselves represented many possibilities in Taoism. Now, at this step, Chu Weiyang has to personally get involved and experience among these possibilities, transforming the potential of Taoism itself into Taoism. The essence of the background.
/All in all, the various paths that Chu Weiyang has walked in the past, the Wanxiang Taoism mastered by the layer-by-layer pushing and sublimation of the Three Yuan Taoism, or perhaps it is based on the aura of this Wanxiang Taoism. Three magical fruit trees were nourished.
/In all the reincarnations of life, whether it is a bottleneck or a pass that needs to be shaken at this step, all of them have been passed down by Chu Weiyang.
All that’s left is for things to come true, and all that’s left is for this natural last step of brewing.
It came out after a thousand calls.
Finally, after a long period of brewing, in the clear jade light that connected the three realms of the dojo, there were suddenly three ancient magical jade fruits that Chu Weiyang had stored earlier. The moment his figure was revealed, Suddenly, under the divine charm of the Taishang Bagua Furnace, it suddenly turned into pure nectar and jade dew.
In an instant, the radiance of the jade dew itself intertwined and resonated with the jade light all over the sky, and the ancient seal lines could be seen flowing and illuminating the Pearl Sutra, and the process of interacting with the three magical fruit trees had begun. fusion.
At this moment, the Shen Tong Sutra chapter of “You Shen Yu Qi” was integrated into the Huangzhongli tree, which was mainly “Dharma Xiang Heaven and Earth”. This has always been a true interaction between one’s own mind and one’s body and all phenomena of heaven and earth, and is truly integrated and connected. Together, all the Taos are revealed, all the phases are condensed, and the essence of all phenomena is located, which is “Qi”, which can “wander the spirit and control the Qi”. It is the harmony between one’s own mind and the heaven and earth that creates the boundlessness of all phenomena.
At this moment, the supernatural power chapter of “Pushing Mountains and Reclamating Seas” was integrated into the peach and fruit trees, mainly “Five Decline of Heaven and Man”. This Tao emphasizes the five elements’ rotation of sound and change of all phenomena, and the immeasurable meaning is inherent in it. , and mountains and seas are originally the images of the Five Elements, and they are the majestic and majestic places among all phenomena. Being able to “push mountains and fill the sea” means mastering the boundless breadth of the Five Elements cycle.
At this moment, the magical lens of “Holding Mountains and Chaoshai” was integrated into the dragon-subduing tree based on “Taiyin Refining Form”. This path uses the cycle of birth and death to interpret the life and death of yin and yang, the yang pole generates yin, and the yin pole generates yang. Tao, the mountains and seas here