ll have to beat him after beating him.”

After saying that, the golden eagle eyes narrowed slightly, and his gaze swept across Yi Feng’s body unscrupulously.
When you bring in the fragrant Haishan, you will be craving for it immediately.
/“Elder Yi raids the formation for my brother!”
“There is no need for Elder Yi, my two brothers are enough.”
“real or fake?!”
Lu Bei looked surprised and said honestly: “I’m not looking down on you two. I’m just telling the truth. Is there a possibility that if the three of you go together, if you lose, you can put the responsibility on Elder Yi Feng. By then, Lao Jun will be furious. , after removing her from her position, you two can live in peace, and the king’s dinner will be settled, wouldn’t it be wonderful!”
“It’s ridiculous!”
The Jie family brothers had expressionless faces. Jie Bing raised his hands to make seals and pressed down with his magical power. The sky above Longcheng Island roared.
The dark shadows flow down like ink, like the sky is pressing down, like the vast ocean crossing the sky. Under the roar of violent air pressure, the island and the surrounding seas are shaking violently, and there is a possibility of collapse at any time.
In the distance, the overflowing air currents rolled up the sea dragons in the sky, no more, no less, exactly nine.
It seems to be some kind of formation.
In the air, Bai Yin was secretly frightened. The elder of Yin Yang Dao really lived up to his reputation. Although this attack was not as easy as his Yufeng Shen communicator, it was definitely powerful. If it had been him, Black Feather, he would never have taken it forcefully.
The first move is a strong attack, and the follow-up attack is even better!
There is no big brother today, he just got up at the right time.
“It’s so fancy that I don’t even know what you’re fighting for!”
Lu Bei chose to be tough.
The fist seal broke through the air and pushed away the sea of ??clouds and waves. A rising dragon rose across the sky, and the vitality that filled the sky and the earth suddenly overturned.
If you look closely, the mark that breaks the sky looks like a fist or a sword, dividing into thousands and sinking into the void together.
In an instant, violent air waves emerged from the void, and ripples were surging at the junction of heaven and earth. In a blink of an eye, countless sword lights tore open the black gaps, manifesting as a sea of ??sword lights rising into the sky.
The black cloud disappeared in an instant, and the Jie family brothers were still in shock when they were drowned by the sea of ??sword light.
“Ah this”
/Bai Yin took a breath of hot air, his head was buzzing when he saw Lu Bei easily defeating the Jie brothers.
I regret that I should have gotten up early.
“That’s all, Elder Yi, it’s your turn.”
A real man never looks back at the explosion, and Lu Bei is no exception. His gloomy gaze was fixed on Yi Feng, and he muttered: “Don’t worry, I am the most compassionate and precious woman, and a good woman lik