d world, there are no spiritual and empty phases, but for Chu Weiyang, A very familiar sight.

In the boundless darkness and silence, in the turbulent mist, gradually, at the end of the mist, a little bit of dark gray mist stretches and shines, the gray mist gathers into a turbulent flow, and above the sea of ??mist, there is Shi Yuting drove the cloud boat of hundreds of realms and crossed it.
This is the advantage that Chu Weiyang possesses and masters over Taoism compared to his ancient ancestors.
After all, cultivators who have mastered the true form method can more easily than ordinary monks directly use their form and spirit to stay in the metaphysical realm. Moreover, using this metaphysical realm as a cover, unless they are like in the past, they have The same Tianjiao monk is stopping here, observing deliberately.
Otherwise, this kind of cover by one of the realms of heaven and earth is enough to prevent the breath of this Hundred Worlds Cloud Boat from leaking out.
Not to mention attracting some primitive ferocious beast, this crossing did not even cause any ripples in the turbulence and mist.
At this moment, in the cloud boat of Baijie.
The bottom of Yunfang’s boat.
/The true source of Fazhou Pass is found in a hollow cauldron carved from colorful jade. At this time, hundreds of flowers of Dharma flames are burning fiercely in the furnace, revealing the Taoist charm of Shi Yuting.
But at this moment, surrounded by the fierce flames of the Hundred Flowers, the high-refined material itself was actually in the colorful jade cauldron.
Soon after the burning of the supreme magic flame, a section of golden threads in the “Golden Silk Wood” was smelted, and suddenly, the colorful spiritual light suddenly surged in a flash, and then , by blending into the flames of the Hundred Flowers and the cauldron of colored jade, it turned into the smelted essence and blended into the Hundred Worlds Cloud Boat.
This is an extremely complicated refining process.
After all, regardless of the mysterious effect of this “Golden Thread Wood”, just in terms of pure grade, it is at least one level higher than the Earth Immortal Realm. It is the only refined material in the Nine Heavens!
At this moment, Shi Yutingshang was only relying on the spiritual rain to reach the peak of the golden elixir realm.
Just talking about grades, these differences are far beyond a whole realm!
Moreover, it is such a lofty and profound realm as the divine realm!
The reason why there is such slow refining is because Taoism and Dharma have the same origin.
In fact, as is the case with ordinary Baihualou direct descendants, once the Hundred Realm Cloud Boat is condensed, the ancestor often only gives a very small fragment of the refined materials for the purpose of enlightening the foundation.
A whole log like this is more like the main altar of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths of the One Saint Sect, and a gift to the divided altars of the One Realm.
These are enough for Teacher Yuting to lay an unimaginable rich foundation on the Dharma bo