n stay alive?” ?”

“There are two more people.”
Zhan Lexian ignored Lu Bei’s ridicule and announced their names, leaving Lu Bei dumbfounded.
Maha Shantideva, Jing Ji.
Afraid of God, thank Qingyi.
“Elder Jing?”
The figure of the smiling tiger appeared in Lu Bei’s mind, and he asked in surprise: “Why is it Jing Ji? He has been planning the Qinggan layout. He has worked hard for many years. He is a die-hard rebel. Why did he quit? Is it corruption?”
“No, it’s because”
Zhan Lexian stared at Lu Bei: “Jing Ji made a big mistake and revealed too much information to someone. Later, this person started a new sect and claimed to be the sect leader and split the Tianjian Sect into two. Things have developed to this point. , Jing Ji cannot absolve himself of the blame, he can’t explain why he has ten mouths, plus the other elders are adding insult to injury, he is as depressed as Zhan.”
“As expected of my sect leader, he cut off Qing Qian’s right-hand man with a little trick.”
Lu Bei nodded without regret. Although Jing Ji was not welcomed in Tianjian Peak and became the biggest sinner of the Tianjian Sect’s split, this man was the one who made plans for Qingqian’s rebellion and worked hard to overthrow the Lingxiao Sword Sect. Not a good bird to begin with.
/For this kind of thing, you can do whatever you like, there is no need to fight for it.
“What happened to Xie Qingyi? Wasn’t he defeated and captured?”
“I wasn’t captured, nor was I defeated. I came here on my own initiative and was invited by the Imperial Master to be a guest in the capital.”
Zhan Lexian said bitterly: “Elder Xie is a low-key person and rarely competes with others for power, so he is not well-known among the Nine Swordsmen. In fact, he is a genius with outstanding swordsmanship and a very clear mind. He knows the Tianjian Sect. There is a Qingqian royal family who gladly accepted the invitation to restore the country. However, as a result of the war, they immediately put aside their relationship and took advantage of the opportunity of the Western Prince’s Palace to send all their disciples to the capital.”
“There is such a thing”
Lu Bei clicked his tongue and marveled, secretly thinking that he was a Wolf Mie. He looked at Zhan Lexian again and felt disgusted: “Look at him, then look at you, you are so embarrassing.”
Zhan Lexian blushed. He stayed at Tianjian Peak to follow his master Qin Fangtian and repay the kindness of raising and teaching him. Qin Fangtian didn’t say anything because he would rather die than step out of Tianjian Peak.
Even if it’s a rebellion.
Xie Qingyi was different. His master died young and he had no good impression of Qingqian, so he left easily.
“But I can’t blame you.”
Lu Bei consoled him: “Elder Zhan, you have only average talent for cultivation. You are narrow-minded and don’t see the long term. You are rigid and have no wisdom at all. You have a bad temper that explodes at a moment’s notice, let alone courage. It’s normal that you can’t compare with Elder Xie in the face of the general situation.” .”