ared by the calamity and filthy by the troubled world, and was cut off by the old Taoist in a way of cutting it off into a sludge.

As a result, the old Taoist monk borrowed fire to become a Taoist body, and the remnant of the past transformed into a green lion monster using the animal form.
But at this moment, when the old Taoist was about to be pushed back into the world of death by this invisible force, in the process of half-life and half-death, he even decisively chose to connect with the remnants of his past life!
The majestic power that had been accumulated in the past suddenly shone on the old Taoist body with a filthy arrogance mixed with life and death!
The clean brass lamp that was originally wiped suddenly turned into a bronze rusty appearance in an instant.
At the same time, the true sun in the lamp suddenly changed from black and red to black and green.
And with the sudden expansion of his arrogance, the old Taoist has indeed never retreated towards the realm of death, but he has never truly set foot in the real world, between life and death. The old Taoist has continued to delve deeper into the source of life in the body during the process of transforming into a “Yin Zhi”.
And it was during this process that the old Taoist’s robes shriveled, wrinkled, and decayed along with his figure.
And it was at this moment that Chu Weiyang really saw that on the old man’s skinny body, there were seven bone nails full of patina, following the direction of the Big Dipper, digging deeply into the old man’s body. In the old Taoist body.
At the same time, when I looked into the bronze lamp, among the fireworks that changed into black and blue, and in the true sun that illuminated the thirty-six dead heavens, there was suddenly the same fullness. The mottled and rusty spiritual light shone, and suddenly it condensed into a letter that looked like a “Jade Album”. When I looked carefully, I saw that there was no writing on it, only the patina used as ink, depicting the map of the Big Dipper.
In fact, this is the reason why the old man is between life and death.
In the past, a Zen master was doomed to death.
This is the trace of the Zen master’s death sentence. With these seven bone nails and this volume of Beidou Book, it will be extremely difficult for the old Taoist to truly cross the barrier of death and life.
However, years of accumulation have taught the old man to reversely infiltrate the bone nails and scrolls. As long as these things exist, the old man can rely on them and not completely die!
Between the cycle of life and death, the old Taoist found a place for himself in the ultimate ambiguity.
So, in the next moment, the old man who turned into a corpse raised the bronze lamp in his hand towards the distant sky in a very slow way.
After completely giving up staying in the Yang world, the old Taoist’s arrogance mixed with the two aspects of life and death has reached a level that Chu Weiyang can’t sense. Along with it, the Taoist in Tsing Yi in the distance is also astonished and ready.