of the same heart, and we are as powerful as gold.” , let’s deal with the one named Mu together.”

“It’s not good. I have a flat face, a flat nose, a big mouth, a thick waist, short legs, and no neck. I’m afraid I won’t be able to unbuckle my belt.” Lu Bei shook his head repeatedly. He still had his integrity and refused to be associated with Hu San.
“That was when I was a kid, and I heard that I was pretty.”
Seeing the drama, Hu Sanyi changed his previous evaluation and praised Mu Jiling as rare in the world and hard to find in heaven.
“Is nothing going to happen?”
“As long as no one is killed.”
“Brother, I’m not very talented. Here are some packs of essential medicine for lonely men and widows in the middle of the night. Can you give me some medicine? Can you use it then?”
“Oh, let me take a look at it.”
Hu San took a few packets of medicinal powder from Lu Bei, picked up a piece of powder with her little finger and put it under her nose to smell it, frowning and said: “Hehuan Powder, Buddha’s Head, Fairy Don’t Stop, these are popular goods, and they are not suitable for those who are afraid of the innate realm.” It’s because the medicine is not effective enough!”
“Brother, you’re an expert. I guessed everything right! Just a stranger, what did you go through during those years of being an undercover agent? Can you tell me a little bit about it?”
Lu Bei clasped his hands in his fists and said with admiration: “Forget about your experience of being drugged by others. Pick a few glorious stories about how you drugged others and tell them slowly. It would be best to publish a book. I used to be a scholar. Rather than listening to books, I prefer to light a lamp and boil oil alone in the dead of night, which creates a sense of artistic conception.”
/“I don’t want to be an expert either. It’s all my mother’s fault.”
/Hu San pointed at his face and said speechlessly: “During those years when I was undercover, I said that I would take out a bigger one than everyone else. As a result, those people became more enthusiastic when they knew the man. I couldn’t help it, they were all forced. When I came out, I didn’t want to fall into the trap and had to learn some messy things on my own.”
“Brother, I understand your pain. Boys should learn to protect themselves when they go out.” Lu Beishen nodded in agreement.
“No, you don’t understand.”
Hu San rolled his eyes at Lu Bei. He was an outsider and asked him not to put too much money on his face. He took out a packet of secret medicinal powder and stuffed it into Lu Bei’s hand: “This packet is a good product. Even the innate realm must be affected. You take a pack, and when the time comes, whoever gets the chance will do it.”
Lu Bei:
Just cover your head and fight for two or three hours. Do you really want to kill someone?
“Brother, this pack of medicine is so powerful. What is its origin? Why haven’t I heard of it?”
“The water in the spring river will warm me up.”
Hu San raised his eyebrows: “You’re right if you haven’t heard of it. Brother, I studied the a