Blindly fighting on the battlefield is just the accumulation of layers of killing thoughts. Only here, when the Taoist heart is transformed into a scabbard and can contain the sharp edge, can it truly be a great baptism, a step of transformation and sublimation.

Perhaps because of this, when the decree was passed down, the people who were ordered to come to Feijiu Peak were already all the geniuses and evildoers of various lineages. Of course, in all seriousness, especially those from the Sacrifice lineage and the Witch Gu lineage. Mainly pulse.
Seeing that there is still a long way to go from Feijiu Peak, among the crowd at the head, there is a young Taoist. Although he is also a monk in the realm of nine alchemy realms, he has not reached the true peak realm after all. He is trembling at this time. It is particularly powerful. Of course, even in such a harsh environment, it is difficult to hide the youthful nature of this person.
Amidst the deep storms and vegetation and vines, the young Taoist seemed to be standing in such a gloomy environment. He could not tire of looking at the equally gloomy mountains, rocks and vegetation. As his eyes kept flowing, he looked at several fellow disciples beside him. It flows through the body.
/Finally, the young Taoist set his sights on the tall female monk at the front.
When he heard this, the tall female cultivator who had unconsciously walked half a body ahead of the cultivators suddenly turned her head and looked at the young Taoist. When she looked carefully, they saw that the two men were wearing green robes. , all embroidered with steaming fireworks patterns with cloud patterns.
Of course, with this tall female monk’s extremely beautiful and convex figure, the fireworks cloud patterns around her heart are much higher. It seems that it is for this reason that the senior sister of this ritual lineage is so beautiful. Master those with more outstanding peak cultivation.
Obviously, both of them are direct brothers and sisters of the Sacrifice lineage.
And when I look at it now, it is very rare to say that, unlike others, in this chilling cold wind, I have been able to sharpen my murderous intention and sheath the sword. This senior sister of the sacrificial lineage, between the eyebrows. The sharpness of time is still so clear, just like the dark gray fireworks cloud pattern between his eyebrows, that scorching bright light cannot be blown away even if the wind and rain can’t blow it away.
In fact, when the senior sister looked at the junior disciple of her family, the carelessness and smile on the young Taoist’s face suddenly disappeared under the gaze of this gaze.
Immediately afterwards, the senior sister seemed to have thought of something. She turned her head and looked at the fellow juniors and juniors to the side, and then spoke as a reminder.
Elder Xuanhe is a monk who has experienced the transformation of his soul. His temperament is different from that of ordinary monks, but as long as you are willing to abide by the rules, it will not be difficult to get