ore realm, Shi Yuting already had absolute control over Baijie Yunfang, which had also transformed into his own natal magic weapon.

Therefore, Chu Weiyang considered that Shi Yuting was in urgent need of consolidating the foundation of his own golden elixir realm, so he joined forces with Shi Yuting to use the different but unified Sumeru magic to unite all the realms. Yunfang briefly moved into the cave of Chu Weiyang’s dojo.
At this time, the Baijie Yunfang was hovering above Peiran’s vast ocean of vitality.
And early on, the three dharma images wrapped around the Taiyin Shape Refining Mysterious Coffin, and through the Sumeru Storm Whirlpool on the dome, the figure was once again revealed in the abyss, just like in the past, swallowing the true form. The extremely condensed liquefied vitality was transformed into Taiyin evil energy through the mystery of the ancient treasure.
At this time, Chu Weiyang was refining these Taiyin evil spirits with ease, and then by participating in the three yuan, in the rotation of the three yuan resonance, he helped Shi Yuting to refine the method faster.
/Of course, this revealed the power and terror of Chu Weiyang’s Nine Refiners, who were truly unified and unified, and penetrated into the realm of golden elixir. Even with the assistance of Baihualou’s magic, Shi Yuting could only last a very long time. The short-term practice of integrating the three elements is already too tiring. After several consecutive practices, I have to recuperate my energy and spirit in a half-asleep and half-awake manner during the retreat.
At this moment, Rao was so drowsy and half asleep. After hearing Chu Weiyang’s plans for Qinghe’s dojo in the future, Shi Yuting twisted his body in a coquettish way.
“Senior brother’s arrangements for Qing He are so perfect, but what about my concubine?”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang laughed.
“Your Dharma lineage must be passed on. Once you find a successor and pass down the Dharma lineage of Baihua Xumi to help her refine her Baijie Yunfang, this Guxuan Waihai Town The sitting matter should be taken over by the successor. At most, Yuting, you can help and take care of me from time to time with the help of Xumi Magic.
In fact, this is supposed to be the inheritance method of your Baihuaxumi lineage, but something went wrong with your Sixth Master Uncle, and it was difficult to knock on the door of Jindan. As a last resort, he taught her many things that she should do. You do it. But since you, Yuting, have advanced to the realm of golden elixir, it’s time to follow the old rules and pass on the inheritance.
By that time, Pindao, the dojo cave, should also evolve to be wider. When the cloud boat of hundreds of realms hangs on the sea, it will be your dojo in Yuting! ”
Speaking of this, Chu Weiyang lowered his voice again, leaned into Shi Yuting’s ear, and told all the key points of the divine realm master.
But while he was half asleep and half awake, hearing about the wonderful method for a while seemed to continue to consume Shi Yuting’s mental energy.