different from ordinary dead objects, as if the rising into the sky just now was all an illusion.

At this time, Chun Yuzhi leisurely played with the Dao Fruit Demon Pill in his hand, carefully sensing the vague Dao Yun Qi on it. Without time, when his eyes stared, he could see the red color deep in his eyes. The seal patterns of the talismans are revealed one after another.
/After such a brief gaze, Chun Yu Zhisui nodded gently in the face of Chu Weiyang’s searching eyes.
“The sages of the Gu Pan King Holy Sect sealed this Fruit Demon Pill with the greatest margin of wealth. After all, no matter how forbidden it is by the supreme method, it cannot withstand the erosion of time. The essence of the Demon Fruit Pill is The foundation will eventually dissipate little by little over time.
And this glazed compass also has the function of “Zhou Tian Forbidden Law”, which is to ensure that no matter how long the years have passed, as long as there is still the last strand of Dao Fruit power left in this demon pill, it can smelt Zhou Tian Yuan Chen. By worshiping one of them, it can also ensure that a certain perfect demon elixir can be obtained in the end.
Then I look at the inheritance of another part of the technique, “Jingyue Patriarch Yuanshuo’s Nine-turn Demonic Pill Refining True Technique”. In fact, the principles at the core are the same as I entrust my own Tao and fruit in Weiyang, your treasure. Among the flags and banners, it is a universal and unique principle to make them a magic weapon.
It’s just that you and I were connected in the past, so we could easily achieve this step without any external refining methods. However, Patriarch Jingyue created the true treasure refining formula, which followed the same principle, but it was to refine it into the treasure weapon. , the thing that transformed and sublimated it was just the Dao Fruit Demonic Pill.
Weiyang, to make a digression, no matter what, this method must not be leaked, otherwise, I’m afraid that a group of monsters will surround you and really want to kill you.
Let’s talk about the refining method of this treasure weapon, which can transform and sublimate it, and create a magic weapon from the magic weapon. In fact, what is being refined is the grade of the Dao Fruit Demonic Pill, the superb Taoist meaning, and the inner Tao. The amount of fruit power does not matter much. At most, the inner power of Tao fruit is more, which is the icing on the cake.
Just like I entrusted the Dao Fruit in the flags in the past, to be honest, how much power of Dao Fruit can I refine when I am newly promoted to the realm of a golden elixir monk? Therefore, the transformation and sublimation of treasures have never been valued.
Besides, speaking of it, we are still far from the endless years and years that the sages of the ancient Sage sect considered! There is only one Dao Fruit Demon Pill, and the power of the Dao Fruit contained in it is still enough to support the existence of the Dao Fruit Demon Pill. It has been nourished by such a forbidden secret method, ma