came famous in one battle. He defeated Miruluo with his magical power. In World War II, he became famous all over the world. He defeated the will of the first demon emperor in a single fight and captured the nine-tailed royal city.

It is said that he is now gathering strength and preparing to attack the throne of the Demon King.
Shuang is a fool who is obsessed with power!
The peacock is like this, the golden-winged roc is like this, and even the next leader of the Phoenix clan, her eldest son Huang Yu, is like this.
In order to cultivate Huang Xiao, Huang Xiao decentralized the power of the clan and rarely interfered. At first, it grew well, but later it became more and more crooked.
/Three hundred years ago, when Huang Yu came of age, he visited the Baize clan and got a counselor;
Two hundred years ago, Huang Yu survived the catastrophe of transformation and was reborn. His bloodline was further developed, his ambitions were greatly increased, he subdued the mirages, and laid a son in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons;
A hundred years ago, Huang Yu gave birth to another son and took over the nine-tailed fox clan.
He also made a secret move to seize a Gu Eagle Princess and plant the bloodline of the Phoenix clan in her blood.
Because the first generation Demon Emperor had a Gu Eagle to ride on, she also had to ride a Gu Eagle.
You are a phoenix with such a wide wingspan that you can fly faster and higher than a Gu eagle. What kind of Gu eagle are you riding on? Isn’t it too slow?
What, the first generation Demon King can fly better?
Phew, can the first-generation Demon Emperor be used as an example? He had a harem of three thousand, do you also have to raise three thousand pretty boys?
This is the price of delegating power. Huang Yu enjoyed the joy of power but lost two hundred years. He did not practice properly for two hundred years, which made his old mother extremely worried.
The most painful thing is that because of the delegation of power, Huang Yu gradually took control of the Phoenix clan, and he could exercise the power of the clan leader without being the clan leader.
On the other hand, as an old mother, her power has been relinquished and cannot be taken back, and she is basically in a state of semi-retirement.
But outsiders don’t know it yet, and they really think she does this deliberately, wanting to hand over the power of the clan leader in a smooth way.
A bunch of stupid birds, can’t you see that she is about to be ignored?
Having said that, Huang Xiao didn’t fight for it, nor did she think about regaining the lost power. Firstly, she didn’t have much time left, and she would have to give it back to Huang Yu sooner or later. Secondly, she might not be able to defeat her daughter.
This is talent. Huang Yu’s bloodline has recently been connected to its origin. Even if she doesn’t practice hard, she still surpasses her old mother who has practiced for five thousand years with a weak crown of five hundred years.
To be fair, Huang Xiao is not optimistic about her daughter’s future ach