ming energy of transformation and sublimation soared into the sky, poured into Chu Weiyang’s zenith, and connected to the “Dao Heng Diagram” in a flash!

It seems like this, one dharma leads to it, and all dharma leads to this path!
However, before Chu Weiyang could feel any graceful feeling from such a sudden burst of energy, the next moment, Chu Weiyang’s body swayed and he fell from this mysterious scene.
Amidst the buzzing sound, Chu Weiyang could not even maintain his posture of sitting in the air, and with the violent shaking of his body, the blue aura was fragmented in a flash.
Chu Weiyang also had no idea how smooth the process of deeply understanding the “Water Escape Method” was at the beginning, but how difficult it would be in the subsequent practice process.
The Taoism concerning cause and effect and luck seems to reflect all changes in cause and effect and luck.
For too long, Chu Weiyang’s fame, rich background, and strong luck have never made him feel such difficulty in practicing the law.
This is not just one level of difficulty, but a full range of difficulties!
It is no longer that Chu Weiyang uses his own principles and foundation as the guide and restraint, and teaches his own Tao and Dharma to make steady progress step by step on the established road.
It was the natural evolution of Tao and Dharma on their own, and through this natural evolution, Chu Weiyang was pushed towards the unknown direction with great force, as if he was sprinting.
Chu Weiyang had no way of knowing what was waiting for him on the road ahead in this direction.
Chu Weiyang had no way of knowing the meaning of his progress so vigorously. He could only passively feel the changes in his progress.
Fortunately, this kind of loss of control only lasted for a blink of an eye. In the blink of an eye when he fell from that state, Chu Weiyang took the initiative to look at the “Corpse Refining Diagram”, using his mind as a sword, and continued The slash fell towards the “Dao Zhou Diagram” and “Dao Heng Diagram”, arbitrarily erasing all the progress between the two diagrams in that flash.
Fortunately, in an instant, no matter how rapid the progress was, it did not accumulate much, let alone be integrated into the foundation of Chu Weiyang’s Taoism.
He, Chu Weiyang, also has the determination to kill Dao Cunzhen!
Then, when Chu Weiyang carefully looked into the inner sky and made sure that all the disharmony had been wiped out and that there were no future troubles, Chu Weiyang relaxed and sensed the cause of the change.
/In fact, to put it bluntly, Chu Weiyang’s foundation in the Tao of Talisman and the Earth Master lineage could no longer support him to carry out such a high-level transformation and sublimation.
This is because this path to the unity of form and spirit is too lofty, especially when this process of transformation involves the interweaving and resonance of Tao and diagrams, and has jumped from the realm of escape to the Tao of Talisman Formation and the Earth Master. The mutual blending of Feng Shui and