y scrutinized and considered by the cultivators of the sect thereafter.

This was the price Chu Weiyang paid for his rise to fame and becoming the Lord of Langxiao Mountain.
“The magic power cultivated by Master Pang’s cultivation in Dantai realm, and the weapon condensed into seal patterns, are so vulnerable to the mysterious thunder of Taoist Wudu?”
“No, Fellow Daoist Liu, it’s not as exaggerated as what you said. Master Pang is just borrowing magic, and he is too decayed. He has almost fallen to the limit of the elixir realm, and his magic power and seal patterns have been greatly reduced! ”
“No matter how unbearable the Dan Fei realm monk is, he only masters the magic power of this level! No matter how weak he is, his essence will not change! Taking this as a lesson is enough to fully understand part of the Taoist Taoist Five Poisons’ background!”
“It makes sense! At least in terms of pure mana refining, the Five Poison Taoists are already comparable to the monks who have just entered the Dan Fei realm!”
“There are traces of this matter. In the past, Jianzong Xie Jiang gave the power of life and death when he was promoted to the elixir realm to Taoist Wudu in order to repay his karma. Coupled with the subsequent long-term training and practice, this step It’s amazing, not too much.”
“The changes in the thunder method are also very obvious. There are six Yin Yao and nine Yang Yao. This is a change that has never been seen before. According to records, the Wudu Taoist in the early days only made good use of the Thunder Talisman Canopy, and at most it condensed into a mysterious dragon.”
“It’s a pity. They are all monks among the casual cultivators who have mastered the Earth Master’s tradition. They thought that the winner would be decided in the Feng Shui Kanyu Formation competition. But now, it turns out that it is a stalemate. It is a very simple situation. In the end, is life and death going to be determined by the strength of magic power?”
“No, there are still Earth Master’s methods on display, but it has turned into the Five Poison Taoist using thunder method to force Master Pang to continuously reveal the secrets of Linlang Seal Patterns.”
“Alas, when a person declines and ends in tragedy, he is in such a miserable situation. It’s sad! It’s a pity!”
“It’s nothing but self-inflicted blame. A miserable person must be hateful when you look at it.”
“After you all go back, you must urge the Tianjiao Taoist sects of the sect to continue to pay attention to the improvement of the practice of the body forging method! Although this Five Poison Taoist has not shown the benefits of the body forging method, his thunder method has made progress. To a certain extent, it is enough to represent the progress of body training!”
/“Look, it seems like the outcome is about to be decided in the stalemate!”
“This is the true genius monk’s move. There is no need for fancy and ever-changing spells. Even if it is against the enemy, it can drag the battlefield into a situation where pure mana competes with each other. Th