moment, the immeasurable mana of the poisonous evil in the water element has also become the source of the vast and rich mana of the poisonous evil in the wood element!

Gradually, starting from a little subtle dark aura in the liver palace, gradually, the increasingly abundant aura began to infiltrate the entire liver palace.
When you look carefully, you can see that in each of the spiritual lights, there are seals that look like dragon patterns. When you look carefully, it seems that the traces of these seals are indeed one of the dragon patterns. , maybe as the ancient bloodline was cut off in the long river of time, maybe it was easier to sort out the teachings of the sages later.
Furthermore, these extremely numerous dragon-patterned seals were all condensed into little bits of ink aura. Due to the interweaving and spreading of the aura, while wrapping and infiltrating the liver, they also turned into some kind of supreme talisman array. While condensing into a “wooden nest”, the magic power is stored in it.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths
Time passed little by little, and as the Poisonous Way of the Water Element supported the Poisonous Evil Way of the Wood Element, soon, like some kind of balance between immeasurable and vast, finally after a certain moment, Chu Weiyang’s liver wood Within the nest, among the extremely thick and powerful Wood Phase Poisonous Mana, strands of it were once again revealed.
Immediately afterwards, like steaming smoke, if you look closely, there are traces of a swimming dragon. Suddenly, while flowing along the five internal organs, the chakras jumped into Jiang Gong’s ventricle!
Since he mastered the “Toad Fishing Technique”, Chu Weiyang has been cultivating it for an unknown amount of time, and he has been cultivating it deeply in this way to this day.
Originally, in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, he could not be more generous, but at this moment, the wood-phase poisonous mana poured into his heart.
Wood makes fire!
This is not even as simple as ordinary training!
In an instant, it really felt like a piece of grease was thrown into the already burning flames!
The jade fire is more prosperous than ever!
But it is already so profound, and if it accumulates like this, it will become immeasurably prosperous.
/At the same time, along with the violent fluctuations in Jianggong’s ventricle, Chu Weiyang felt that Qi and blood surged all over his body, and there was an almost unbearable bulging feeling coming from the chest.
Chu Weiyang understood that his ventricles had never pulsed like this, and the blood and energy throughout his body had never surged like this.
/But the bulging feeling is real. It is the urgent need for catharsis and relief after the unprecedented accumulation of poisonous power of the fire element.
Chu Weiyang had also anticipated such a change in life.
Almost at the same time that the changes took place, the entire text of the “Pure Land Purifying Pill Sutra” was revealed in Chu Weiyang’s mind.
In an instant, turbulent jade fireworks burst out f