very tragic “injury”, but in fact the animal was completely unscathed internally.

You must know that with this kind of attack method last night, it was Zhang Du who had already reached the point where Chu Weiyang had the advantage of a certain victory and could almost tell the difference and decide life and death.
Is thunder not violent? Or is the sword not sharp?
/No, it’s because part of the supreme power that this animal has been refined is reflected in the shell of this body.
That is a power that does not belong to this beast, a power that is superior to this level and realm!
But despite this, Chu Weiyang’s thunderous bombardment and sword slashing were not without effect.
As soon as he thought of this, the speculation that had been hidden in Chu Weiyang’s heart earlier was further confirmed.
It proves that there are nine-fold pagoda shells like this that seem to be just pure toughness, but are actually very sophisticated in nature.
And when Chu Weiyang was staring at Xiang Xiang’s shell, the beast itself was also staring at his own shell.
Immediately afterwards, his inexplicable mocking laughter came out from under the mask.
He seemed to be equally proud of his own confirmation.
Chu Weiyang, or rather the Five Poison Taoist, was actually no stranger to him. Last night, the blood-flame sun actually hung high in the sky above the 12th main island. Although due to the great geomantic omen, The existence of the formation is difficult to see clearly from those extremely obscure corners, but those attacks that are mid-air can be clearly seen at a glance.
Among them, there was the spectacular battle between Chu Weiyang and Zhang Du, and there were also several subsequent battles related to Chu Weiyang.
The so-called Five Poison Taoist’s habit of attacking, the unique rhythm of his attacks, and the intensity of his Tao and Dharma, for the monster who has been watching the monster all night, actually has an outline concept in his mind.
Therefore, he was determined and further determined that Chu Weiyang’s methods alone could not break his shell!
This is the key to establishing yourself in an invincible position.
Even if it is just the remnant of the power that the ancestor of the Conch Saint casually used, but it is reflected on this conch shell, what kind of method should this so-called Five Poison Taoist use to break it?
I heard that this Five Poison Taoist is still a person with no roots in the human race. He is like the algae and weeds that have grown up in the seabed. He has no elders like the ancestors to teach him. What kind of means will he use to break it!
Just thinking about this, the man’s roaring laughter became increasingly sarcastic and arrogant.
He once again stirred up the energy and momentum around him at the same extremely slow pace as before.
This was a deliberate choice, a habit he had developed from long-term “hunting” in the open sea. At first, it was just to consume all the opponent’s physical strength before killing him with one blow, and to ensure that he had no ability t