“I knew something would happen to me when you came here.” Hu San cursed and flew up into the air. He accelerated several times and caught up with Lu Bei and the others before they entered the secret realm.
At the other end of the Fire Dragon Mountain Range, two figures stopped four sword cultivators. The atmosphere was tense and a bloody battle was inevitable.
“Two great stewards, the formation has been broken, and thousands of monks have entered the secret realm. What’s the point of continuing to stop us?”
“Others can do it, but the Iron Sword Alliance cannot.”
One of the two figures spoke, Lin Fengxian, the chief steward of Ningzhou of the Emperor’s Sect, snorted coldly: “Iron Sword Alliance has repeatedly caused chaos, and it is most likely your fault that the formation was broken. It seems that Lin got Report it to the imperial court and investigate your details.”
“Boss, please don’t speak out without any basis. We, the Iron Sword Alliance, have always been law-abiding. Even if we violate it, it is because the Emperor Ji Sect has abused its private power and forced us to have no other way out.”
“Stop talking nonsense, even if the formation is broken, Brother Zhao and Brother Lin will not let you go. You can make up your own mind whether you want to die or get out!” Zhao Yingxiong, the chief steward of Pingzhou, said coldly.
“What kind of swordsman is it if you leave without fighting?”
A young swordsman made swords with his sword, facing Zhao Yingxiong from a distance, with fierce fighting spirit: “Yang Shuo of Pingzhou has heard about the reputation of Chief Zhao for a long time, and he has admired it for a long time. He has been sharpening his sword for thirty years without trying his skills, and he also asked Mr. Zhao to teach him. ”
“I’m just a junior, so I’ll take your life first.”
“Eight Meridians Prisoner Dragon!”
“Huang Ji She Heart Seal!”
The white clouds are ethereal, the green mountains are lying like dragons, and the oncoming rich spiritual energy boosts the spirits of all the monks.
In such a wonderful place, even if you can’t pick up the treasure, you can still pick some flowers and plants back home without losing money.
As each figure disappeared behind the water curtain, the scenery between heaven and earth changed completely.
Black clouds covered the sky and the sun, and red lightning bolted like a snake, casting a large red light to illuminate the gray world.
The vast land is lifeless, and what you see is a wasteland without a trace of spiritual energy. The steep and narrow mountains are lined with sword peaks. Suddenly, a strong wind rises, passing through the dangerous places in the mountains, echoing the cries of ghosts and wolves, howling and mourning.
Wonderland (×)
After many underground activities, Lu Bei was no longer a newbie in the world of tomb robbing. He had fought snakes, beheaded demons, and experienced great storms. He had never seen anything like this before.
But he has never seen this before.
/The most outrageous thing is that after passing t