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The fisherman ignored it. Lu Bei estimated that his senior sister’s cultivation level was above the realm of transformation into gods. Even she didn’t notice that there was anything wrong with Zhao Shiran.
want to!
Mingren didn’t tell secrets, he coveted Zhao Shiran’s ability to hide his cultivation realm, and thought that if he had the chance to be alone, he would definitely bleed some blood for this woman.
“Junior sister, you know my brother’s temperament, so I won’t go straight to the point and won’t greet you.”
The young man said calmly: “Today’s visit is to allow my junior sister to fulfill Master’s will and help me to reach a higher level of practice.”
Zhao Shiran was silent after hearing this, holding a long sword in his hand to express his intention.
“Haha, junior sister, are you going to disobey me?”
“Master has given me the kindness to raise and teach me, and I dare not disobey his orders. However, we are from the same sect. Only one of the nine disciples in each generation can survive. Among them, there is a vicious and evil spirit and the magic of cultivating poison. Never been similar.”
Zhao Shiran pleaded: “I hope that senior brother will keep the brotherhood in mind and cut off this line of evil magic, so as not to let the tragedy continue.”
“Hahaha, junior sister is still so naive.”
The young man laughed three times, with a smile on his lips: “From what I heard from my junior sister, I have a misunderstanding of our martial arts. That’s right. After all, the master has never mentioned it to you. It’s understandable that my junior sister doesn’t know about it.” middle.”
/“what for?”
/“When Master taught me the martial arts, Master was the first disciple. Ten years later, Master accepted eight more female master uncles. Master accepted me as his first disciple, and ten years later, he accepted eight more junior sisters. Among them, You are the youngest.”
The young man looked at Zhao Shiran indifferently, and stabbed him in the heart with coldness and ruthlessness: “Junior sister, the master has always had only one disciple. The exercises you have learned are just to gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth into one body, so that one day you can make up for what your brother lacks. That’s it. ,Do you understand it?”
Boom! !
Among the black clouds, thunder flashed across, illuminating Zhao Shiran’s face with a sad smile.
“I see. It’s no wonder that Yin Shaoyang is double, half of the sky is missing, and there is no hope of becoming a god in his life. It turns out that this is the reason.” Zhao Shiran was devastated. When he first heard that his master, who was also both a teacher and a father, was cultivating her as a furnace, he felt sad in his heart. The long sword couldn’t help but droop three points.
Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, and looked at the young man in horror: “Senior Brother, Senior Sister Liu, Senior Sister Qin, are they okay now?”
“everything is fine.”
The young man’s smile remained unchanged, and he spoke coldly and ruthlessly: “T