ten generals under the eight generals, and any one of them would be more senior than Li Qingming.

ten generals under the eight generals, and any one of them would be more senior than Li Qingming.
However, the glory of the ten generals is basically suppressed by the eight commanders. No one can have complete power in the army. They have various intricate relationships with the eight commanders.
Li Qingming was different. His military exploits were accomplished by himself. Not only were his achievements dazzling, but he also had a high prestige in the military. He was regarded as the brightest general in China after the Great Patriotic War.
Not only did he capture the king’s younger brother of Iwan Kingdom, but he later stayed in northern Xinjiang for more than ten years and fought several local battles, which made Iwan Kingdom afraid to go south.
Theoretically, he is a member of Kan Shuai’s group, but the people who once made things difficult for him are also Kan Shuai’s people.
In addition, his father is Li Zheyuan, one of the Five Tiger Generals. If he had not died in battle, he would be older than the Eighth Marshal, so his status in the army is quite transcendent.
From the way he behaved when he met with Commander Kun, we could tell that although this guy respected the veterans, he dared to stick to his own opinions and would not give in blindly.
Now that his illness is over, he is about to regain his cultivation. If the emperor can’t even realize his importance now, then it’s not just the problem of the foolish king – the people around him are also blind.
Li Yongsheng then thought about the rumors that Li Shuai and Dui Shuai were joining forces. If the Yulin Army launched an attack, it would be too dangerous. But then again, as the Yulin Army guarding the capital, it was impossible for everyone to follow Li Shuai and cause trouble.
The inner court has been working tirelessly to penetrate the Royal Forest Army and has considerable control over it.
At this time, with the addition of Li Qingming supporting Jinshang, the possibility of the Royal Forest Army rebelling becomes even smaller.
Of course, these are all Li Yongsheng’s wild guesses, and this may not be the case.
/Only by writing as soon as possible and nakedly expressing support for Jin Shang can we have a significant impact.
“That’s right.” What Ning Zhiyuan wants is as soon as possible, otherwise, it is what Li Yongsheng said just now – Li Qingming will write this sooner or later, and he will definitely express his loyalty to Jin.
Li Yongsheng pondered for a moment and then asked, “But this kind of thing is very likely to be duplicitous. I am not saying that Li Qingming is this kind of person, but I am curious about writing it. Does it mean a lot?”
This is really a bit sensitive. Pointing directly at something core is like piercing the window paper.
But Li Yongsheng had no choice but to ask. He had seen too much of the faces of bureaucrats. Although the integrity of the bureaucrats in the Middle Kingdom was stronger than those in the Earth world, his confidence was still not very high.
“You are truly a gentleman!” Ning