g one or two people?

g one or two people?
After bringing the four people out, he thought about it and said, “My hands and feet are broken, my hand tendons and hamstrings are picked, bring them to Li Yongsheng.” ”
Third Master,” Buck Teeth shouted heartbreakingly, “I have never lost my filial piety. , I don’t accept it!”
“Don’t you know that you are a laborer when you are in charge of accounting?” Chu San sneered, “These are all trivial matters, absolutely shouldn’t be done, you are blind to the emperor’s feet, and if you catch someone at random, you dare to bully him? The labor force and management almost died because of your exhaustion!”
“Okay,” the military advisor said, “If you weren’t waiting for Li Yongsheng to punish you, you can go to the moat to find a way.” ”
Third Master,” a minion He shouted loudly, “Save my hand tendons and hamstrings. I have something to say to Li Yongsheng. If he is dissatisfied, I will throw myself into the moat to ask for help. Give me a chance.” “A chance
?” Chu San snorted angrily, “I Will I give you a chance to harm me? How many times have I told you that Shuntian Mansion is not just any city, it is at the feet of the Emperor!”
But this guy was very clever. Seeing that he did not refuse outright, he immediately said again He said, “I know what Li Yongsheng wants.”
“That’s okay,” Chu San pointed at him, “You are the exception. Others follow the rules.”
Chu Laosan also had a headache. He didn’t know how to interact with Qu Shengnan. When he saw someone He volunteered, and he wasn’t afraid to give it a try – the worst he could do was jump into the moat.
/The other three were just like that, their hands and feet were broken, and all kinds of big tendons were cut, and then the carriage went straight to the inn where Li Yongsheng was staying – he was staying in the Wudaofang area, how could he hide it from these people?
The four people were stuffed into the carriage and could not be shown to the public. After all, it was during the grand ceremony. It was too unsightly and disharmonious.
But when they arrived, Li Yongsheng had already checked out, and Chu San was immediately confused again – Damn it, I can’t take these four people to find Qu Shengnan, can I?
Fortunately, the waiter at the inn knew where Li Yongsheng had gone, but he hesitated for a while, and it was not until the military advisor threw him a silver dollar that he revealed his whereabouts.
No wonder he didn’t dare to say nonsense. The one who came to pick him up was Capt. Zhu’s carriage. There were three carriages in Shuntian Mansion. How could a store owner not know this?
After Chu San heard this, his heart felt cold again. Captain Zhu not only protected the people, but also took them out. Could it be that this Li Yongsheng was the long-lost brother of today?
But now that we know that Capt. Zhu picked him up, it will be very convenient to find him next.
In half a stick of incense, they found the whereabouts of Li Yongsheng. They were in an alley not far away. There was a small courtyard with a single fam