usly thought that this was the military’s protection of Mr. Hans. As long as Mr. Hans’ safety was not endangered, it would be fine. No question, now combined with this transport ship, the intelligence analysis team believes that the danger level is very high and needs to report to you! “Reported by Alva Master Hui.

David understood why this intelligence agent issued a level 2 alarm. Perrin City was just a small city, and except for the two ‘national warriors’ he and Hans, there was nothing to attract others’ attention.
This kind of transport ship with military markings but not a war zone is a problem in itself.
Level 2 alert means there is a certain degree of danger and requires attention.
The Kerr Intelligence Organization has always secretly protected Hans’ family. If Hans needs to be reminded, some intelligence agents will inevitably be exposed.
“Alva, notify my father Hans immediately, and also inform my teacher Galen Chaofan!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Yes, sir!” Master Alva responded.
After the call ended, David stood quietly in the room. His expression was extremely cold. His heart was not as calm as on the surface. He was now like a volcano, ready to erupt at any time.
If there is anyone who is his biggest opponent in the world, then it is Hans.
Hans, Bertha and little Edie are sitting at the dining table having breakfast. Now Hans has recovered a long time ago. He gets up early in the morning to practice. Although he is old, he still hopes to recover a little bit. Combat strength.
The doorbell rang at this moment, and Hans and Bertha were both wondering who would call at this early hour.
Hans stood up and went to the door to open it, only to see his neighbor Domit, who had moved here just a few months ago.
“Mr. Domit, what’s wrong?” Hans asked doubtfully.
“Mr. Hans, I am Lord David’s man. There is danger approaching. Please bring your family and follow me!” Domit showed Hans a certificate certified by David and said.
Hans glanced at the certification documents. David’s authentication was authenticated using an identity bracelet. This kind of authentication cannot be forged in Skynet.
“Okay!” Hans believed David. Although he didn’t understand what happened, his military experience still made him respond immediately.
He turned around and picked up little Edie, then pulled Bertha away.
Domit placed a micro-monitor at the door, and then took the Hans family to his residence next door.
At this moment, a transport ship in the sky was descending towards Hans’ home.
“Why so fast!” Domit was shocked and couldn’t help but speed up his movements.
He led the Hans family into the basement, and then opened a secret door in the basement, which revealed a reinforced underground passage.
It is not easy to dig such an underground passage in Perrin City. This is a war zone, and the underground is part of the city’s security system.
/Hans was surprised when he saw a small high-speed spacecraft parked in the passage.
“Mr. Hans, this spaceship is traveling along the passage. The entrance is outside Per