Kun Shuai to politely refuse Empress Xuan’s request.

Kun Shuai to politely refuse Empress Xuan’s request.
You are so immortal, at this moment, Gongsun Buqi’s spiritual consciousness also arrived. Hearing this, he was furious, “Hu, the good man of my Gongsun family came from Liaoxi to help you, but you are like this.” To repay my Gongsun family?”
“If you don’t want to calm down the true king,” Kun Shuai once again cupped his hands and begged, “Hu Mou has always admired the true king’s actions, but it is really a matter of great importance, and the military The battle is mainly aimed at established teams, not high-end cultivators.”
Chapter 1056: The more you fight, the bigger the battle. Kun
Shuai’s words are still true. The nature of the military and the Taoist palace are different, and the targets of combat are also different. On the heavier side.
/Empress Xuan snorted angrily, “According to what you said, our Tao Palace and the Hidden World Family should all deal with high-level cultivators?” ”
/Empress Xuan’s words are a bit biased.” At this moment, a sharp voice The voice sounded, and it was Zhenjun Yousi who spoke, “Someone attacked rashly and encountered a conspiracy. If you want our Zhenjun to help, can you ensure that this is not a serial plot against the army?”
This question was quite sharp, and Queen Xuan asked again. Dissatisfied, he had to forcefully suppress his anger, “The one who attacked was the Thunder Valley Alliance. Are you accusing them of being imprudent?”
There was some imprudence in this attack, but it was understandable. The Thunder Valley Alliance was not exempted from the imperial court in the first place. Moderation, looking for fighter planes to attack the enemy, the attitude cannot be more correct and positive – but being positive means taking risks.
And all along, the Thunder Valley Alliance has not only fought skillfully, but also fought ruthlessly. It has achieved consecutive successes before, and it is also a rare bright spot on the battlefield in Western Xinjiang.
Zhenjun Yousi nodded, “I know the Thunder Valley Alliance, it’s very good, but I still have that question. Empress Xuan, are you sure that the other party is not using a strategy to lure the tiger away from the mountain?” ”
Is it useful?” Empress Xuan laughed angrily. , “How far apart are we? Less than two thousand miles! If the military camp is attacked, you can rush back in time, okay?”
“This is strange,” Zhenjun Yousi said with great dissatisfaction, “What if it is?” Where is the one who assassinated Commander Kun? Don’t think that the enemy will only attack the military camp. They will also attack the commander in the army! Will I have time to rescue him after two thousand miles?”
Empress Xuan became more and more unhappy, “You two are definitely not coming. , right?”
“You and I have our own division of labor!” Zhenjun Yousi shouted impatiently, “I won’t force you, but you can also consider our difficulties, okay? Zhenjun Yang has already given it to you, isn’t that enough? ?”
The true monarch of the Shangdang Yang family who rushed to support