as silent for a long time, and then uttered two words, “Zhou Cao.”

as silent for a long time, and then uttered two words, “Zhou Cao.”
“Don’t curse, I even want to avoid this muddy water,” Li Qingming sighed heavily.
This was what he was thinking, but ever since he stopped Li Yongsheng, he knew that he might not be able to avoid this muddy water.
However, Li Qingming is not a person who feels sorry for himself. There are benefits to wading in muddy waters.
He is a soldier, and heroes are always judged by victory or defeat. Since he cannot avoid it, he must strive for the benefits.
So the next moment, he asked aloud, “Why are you looking for me?”
“It’s not that I’m looking for you,” Li Yongsheng laughed, “it’s Eunuch Ning, the Royal Horse Supervisor, who is looking for you and asked me to bring you a message. .”
“He really thinks highly of himself,” Li Qingming sneered disdainfully, “What a big arrogance.”
He was originally a madman type, but now that his cultivation has been restored to half, of course he is even crazier, and his status, It was shot with real swords and guns on the battlefield. It is normal to dislike Ning Zhiyuan, a young Xingjin villain.
“This is wronging him,” Li Yongsheng replied with a smile, “He also wants to meet with you, but it is easy for someone to notice.” ”
That’s what I said,” a smile appeared on the corner of Li Qingming’s mouth, and it was profound. She glanced at him sideways and said, “I didn’t expect you to have a good relationship with him.”
His contemptuous words just now were actually a kind of temptation.
“No matter what others say about him, from what I have seen, he is quite a happy person,” Li Yongsheng did not hide his opinion.
“Then don’t expect me to cooperate with him in submitting a letter,” Li Qingming shook his head, “You actually asked me to say that it is normal for horse plague to occur at the racecourse. Did the guy get kicked in the head by a horse?”
“Ah?” Li Yongsheng was shocked, Ning Zhiyuan actually really Have you ever done this?
“He told people earlier,” Li Qingming saw that he was surprised, so he had to explain, and then snorted coldly, “I can’t stop him from poisoning two soldiers, but I can’t shout, right?” “What did he
mean ? Yes, since horse plague has occurred, we must equip bicycles as soon as possible to ensure the combat effectiveness of the army.” Li Yongsheng spread his hands, “It is most appropriate for you to submit a letter.”
Li Qingming stayed there, chewing carefully for a long time, and then slightly Smiling, “This move is more clever, but why should I listen to him?”
Li Yongsheng was silent for a while, and then sighed, “The army must ultimately be restricted by the inner court.”
“Hey,” Li Qingming He let out a long sigh without interest – this was what made him most helpless.
/This dynasty’s control over the army is really very strict. Not to mention Chen Buda, the military minister, even the great Sima Kanshuai cannot be exempted from the constraints of the inner court.
Yes, Dui Shuai covers the sky with one hand in the Military Service Department, and appointing