“This is not good,” Li Yongsheng shook his head and said simply, “Maybe this is King Yan’s temptation. Well, is it really possible that he is so confused that he cannot understand?”
/“It may be a test,” Gao Jiande nodded. He had already thought of this possibility, but at the same time, he also emphasized, “But King Yan is also He’s very headstrong, and it’s because I can’t figure out his true intentions that I’m troubled.”
Zhang Muzi blinked, “If he’s trying to test me, wouldn’t we be able to scare him off if we give him a few hints?”
“How can it be so simple?” Gao Jiande shook his head and patiently explained to his junior sister.
“Our behavior is to step on the line. Once the truth is revealed, the other party has more than one way to fight back. Of course, we at the Arctic Palace do not need to be afraid of them, but if we fail to handle the matter well, we will be unworthy of Master’s instructions. ”
Zhang Muzi nodded slightly and said thoughtfully, “In this case, I really need someone reliable to hint.” As
soon as she finished speaking, she realized that she was a bit good at making decisions, so she turned to look at Li Yongsheng. At one glance, “Is this okay?”
“Not appropriate,” Li Yongsheng shook his head and answered simply.
When Gao Jiande heard this, he felt a little dissatisfied. Although he had not returned to the palace for a long time, he still had a lot of love for his master’s new junior sister.
So he said expressionlessly, “If Master Li has a good idea, you might as well tell it and listen to it.”
Li Yongsheng didn’t mind him pushing him, but simply replied, “Just keep applying pressure.”
Of course I knew! When Gao Jiande heard this, he felt a little disgusted with the young man, but he controlled his emotions very well and just asked calmly, “Then, according to Master Li, how can we apply pressure?
” He had already thought about it. If the other party asked him to continue to cause trouble regardless of the situation, he would refuse sternly – the North Pole Palace is among the four major palaces and must respect rules and image. It is not one of those small temples where you can go to any lengths and mess around.
Li Yongsheng smiled at him, “I wonder if Jiande Pass has heard of the red-browed owl?”
“I have heard of it,” Gao Jiande nodded curtly, then frowned, thinking to himself, why are you mentioning this?
The Red-browed Owl is a kind of night owl that is widely distributed in Middle-earth, Rouran and Ivan, especially in the Northeast. It is invisible during the day and only moves at night. It is an expert hunter.
Gao Jiande couldn’t understand what he said, but Zhang Muzi understood instantly, “Are you talking about the spy Ivan?”
The spy Ivan captured by Gongsun Buqi and She Gongfeng was quite famous because his eyebrows were red. , so the Chinese gave him a nickname – Red-browed Xiao.
This is the treatment of an ace agent. You must know that the highest-level scout in the army is usually a high-level cultivator. If a real person acts as a spy, it wi