This is where the horror of the system begins. Although we are not officials of the same county, we are all subordinates of the Ministry of Education, and we often interact with each other. As soon as we hear the name of the font, we can’t help but feel some affection for each other.
Moreover, Li Yongsheng was not an unknown person in the Bashu County Educational Facility. The script of “The Orphan of Zhao” he created was submitted to the Bashu Educational Facility, and he won the approval of the court for this.
Sui Liefeng was stunned for a moment when he heard this, then narrowed his eyes and looked at the other party coldly, “Li Yongsheng who built the ice cave for Yanxia Temple?”
“Yes, it’s me,” Li Yongsheng nodded, looking at it with a half-smile. Capt. Sui, “Yanxia Temple is a jungle in ten directions. Have you thought about the consequences of falsely accusing me?”
“False accusation?” Sui Liefeng frowned. Of course he knew that he wanted to accuse this person. It’s a bit too difficult for a person who is a Suzaku believer. However, you insist on accusing us of “false accusations.” How can I step down?
He paused and then coughed lightly, “What are you doing in Bashu this time?”
Li Yongsheng frowned and spoke calmly, “It seems that there is no need to explain to you what I want to do. I would like to ask you, what do you plan to do if you must frame me?”
Sui Liefeng was also hesitant at first, whether he should This person took him back, and he said in good conscience that in his impression, this person was really not easy to mess with – leaving aside the view of haze, it seemed that Zhennan Gong also suffered a lot at the hands of this person.
/But the other party insisted that he was going to carry out the frame-up. If he let this person go lightly, it would appear that his attitude towards tracking down the wild priest was not very determined.
This kind of thing happens every time. If he softens this time, it will be difficult to control similar situations in the future.
So, he hesitated, and finally snorted, “I just ask you to cooperate with the investigation. Since you are selfless in your heart, I just want to give you justice. I wonder what you are worried about?” “Of course I am
selfless in my heart,” Li Yongsheng said There was an inexplicable smile on his face, “I’m just a little strange. Does Captain Sui dare to say that he is selfless?” ”
Asshole!” Captain Sui heard this and cursed angrily with a dark face, “I serve the public wholeheartedly. , Where does the selfishness come from!”
Li Yongsheng’s face sank, and he raised his hand to press the short knife at his waist, “If you dare, do you want to scold me again?”
“Okay, stop talking nonsense!” Sui Liefeng waved his hand and spoke impatiently, ” Are you leaving? If you don’t leave
, I’ll lock you up and take you away!” Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes and glanced at the two correctional officers not far away, “Can you please bear witness, this is what Rongzhou prisoner must do” Take me away. If I disappear, the