just It depends on whether the net is strong or the fish is powerful.

At the end of any power-killing move, there is still a collision and contest between forces. Zhu Peng will wait and see whether the fish will die or the net will break.
A powerful roaring dragon roar sounded from not far away, and at the same time, an extremely powerful spiritual energy pillar connected to the sky and the earth. The entire spiritual energy pillar showed an earthy color, indicating that the person who shot it was an earth attribute spiritual energy. A master of using it, his spirit is extremely heroic.
Those who practice earth magic are vigorous, thick and powerful, and after practicing to a certain level, they are extremely good in terms of attack, defense and endurance.
It’s just that the earth method is too powerful in nature, and it is often less agile and lively than other qi methods. Although it seems to be comprehensive in practice, until today, Zhu Peng has never seen a powerful Five Elements earth method practitioner. .
/Nine out of ten of the native cultivators I saw were of the fortress type, they were just slow-moving targets, not worth mentioning.
But this time, Zhu Peng obviously encountered a very terrible hard idea. The earth-yellow spiritual energy pillar was ten times clearer in Zhu Peng’s purple soul eyes than in the eyes of others. Zhu Peng’s true spirit bloodline, It also makes it easier for him to see the essence of many things than ordinary practitioners.
/For example, in front of them, the other monks around Helian Tieshu, including Helian Tieshu himself, all they saw were the earthly magic cultivators in the distance overwhelming the audience, and the “rumbling, rumbling” roar of the air dragon shocked them. In all directions, people are frightened and discouraged.
But in Zhu Peng’s eyes, it was a huge khaki dragon pillar supporting the sky and the earth. On top of the khaki giant pillar, there was a huge golden dragon that was constantly rotating. The speed was not very fast, but The golden-like scales on the whole body, the magnificent texture, and the god-like majesty in the eyes of a pair of dragons all reflect an unyielding and unyielding strong will that runs in all directions.
Zhu Peng suddenly stopped following Helian Tieshu. His sudden stop made Helian Tieshu frown and look back.
“Mr. Peng, what, is there something wrong?”
“If I were you, I would not move forward easily. There is an extremely powerful golden elixir cultivator in that direction. Even if we are here, we are already within his killing range.”
Zhu Peng squinted his eyes slightly and looked up at the giant pillar of the dragon that reached the sky formed by the manifestation of the true essence. His purple soul sky eye was gifted with special powers. When he saw the true essence aura of the most powerful people, he often manifested it. Some visions that are not noticed by ordinary cultivators.
For example, when Zhu Peng was young and still couldn’t defeat the poisonous dragon Li Zhe, when he looked at Li Zhe, he saw b