At one point, Hudson even doubted whether some of his colleagues had traveled through time and had a difficult life, and that was why he created such a mysterious organization.
/If you think about it carefully, it’s wrong.
The July Party has been shouting slogans for hundreds of years, but it has never been launched. Doesn’t it mean that people are trapped in a coffin?
Baron Kettle replied affirmatively.
If there were better options, he wouldn’t talk to Hudson about it.
However, when it comes to a mysterious organization like the July Society, even the closest people around him may betray him.
The only exception is Hudson.
Anyway, Hudson was also present that day, so he was considered a half-informant. He also had business dealings with the July Society, and it was difficult to explain clearly once the news got out.
Reaching out and rubbing his forehead, Hudson didn’t know whether to be grateful that he was cautious enough or to scold himself for not being greedy.
You should have known earlier that it was the July Society who purchased the weapons, and he would not do anything in this transaction.
/Fortunately, things stabilized that day and we didn’t go out on our own just to make huge profits. Otherwise, once this thunder explodes in the future, he will be shattered to pieces.
Now all the major arms dealers in the kingdom are involved, which is actually a good thing.
The law does not punish the public. No matter how powerful the thunder explosion is, there is still a large group of people who share the risk. There is a high probability that no one will continue to delve into this issue.
“Baron Kettle, I just want to exchange for some life essence. Compared with helping you get rid of the July Meeting, the risk is not at the same level.
Even if you refuse to do this business, there will be other Northern Xinjiang nobles who will do it.
Besides, why do you think I have the ability to help you with this?
Or do you think that the July Association is so weak that a little baron like me can influence their decisions? ”
Hudson said angrily.
If you were in the Northland, if you came to your door to exchange for life liquid, you would most likely be rejected.
But this is the southeastern province, and as long as you are careful and cautious, you can completely hide the past by conducting transactions in secret.
The Life Liquid is also unmarked. Who knows where the Koslow family obtained it?
If the Rocknard family had the time to keep an eye on the Koslow family’s every move, they might as well just send people over to exterminate the family.
If you didn’t do this, you would naturally have some considerations. Even great nobles must abide by the order in their circle.
Even the five wealthy families in the North are just playing around with borrowed knives to kill people, but they are not so arrogant as to personally lead people to kill all the noble families.
Just killing someone with a borrowed knife makes them infamous. If you do it yourself, then don’t think about mixing in the ar