deliver the latest news from the audience.”

deliver the latest news from the audience.”
” That’s true.” The master of Huixian Temple nodded, “Beware of this wild priest changing his path again.”
– If the opponent can change his path the first time, he will naturally be able to change his path the second time.
But this time, Li Yongsheng and the others’ work was not in vain. They had just gone twenty miles ahead, and after a little disguise, six black spots flew from the south.
These people are very experienced in flying close to the ground, but there are too many mountains in Shangdang. When they cross a small peak, their bodies will be exposed far away.
/Needless to say, the movement of these six people was really very organized. Although they were flying, their speed was not very fast. When flying in the air during the day, you must pay attention to safety even if it is close to the ground.
The leader was a young man in white, but he looked over thirty years old, so he could barely be called a young man.
Although the young man in white is a middle-level real person, interrogation is really simple. His sea of ??consciousness is not protected, and he is directly killed by Zhang Laoshi Search for souls.
He was flying happily when he suddenly stopped and looked forward in confusion.
Li Yongsheng and Zhang Laoshi were lying in ambush at the front. When they saw this, they exchanged glances and said, “I’ll go, it’s three real people.”
Although this young man in white is a high-level cultivator, he seems to be stepping on a flying Taoist weapon, but who are Li Yongsheng and Zhang Laoshi? How can you not see that the other party is hiding his cultivation?
Zhang Laoshi shook his head and whispered, “Let me go first, I’ll go, don’t leave!”
The young man in white felt something was wrong in front of him, so he wanted to change the direction.
But at this time, Li Yongsheng and others could no longer hide. They were fighting to be exposed and take action. Once the direction changed, they would no longer be able to pursue them.
Immediately afterwards, white lights flashed in the mountains, and the people in ambush appeared and rushed straight over.
“This is too unorganized.” Li Yongsheng watched them fighting in the air and slapped his forehead helplessly. “Fortunately, whether it is a competition of cultivation or number of people, there is no reason to lose.”
He thought so . Yes, but Master Ran really almost ran away.
Ran Zhenren, who has a square face and big ears, is everyone’s first target, and he should not be allowed to leave no matter what.
However, among the three high-level real people on Li Yongsheng’s side, Zhang Laoshi gave up on him and turned to attack the young man in white.
However, the young man in white discovered the ambush in advance and was well prepared. His escape was very rhythmic, and he was able to avoid being chased by the lone wolf twice in a row.
Huh? Gongsun Weiming could see his interest. He couldn’t get excited about fighting with more people fighting less people. On the contrary, it was the young man i