usi’s handsome face, and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

usi’s handsome face, and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.
However, Master Fang was alert and spoke immediately when he saw this, “Master Mo, my ancestors had a dream last night to warn that Princess Qin had murderous intentions towards me and Master Li.”
He acted on the spot and included himself, but This is not a fabrication, after all, he and Li Yongsheng were together, and they worked together to capture the Buddhist cultivator and his party. The King and Princess of Qin can hate one person, but of course she can also hate two people.
The real ones are Zhenjun Yousi and Zhenren Mo, who joined later, just for investigation, and Princess Qin will not blame them too much.
Of course, even if he was blamed, a mere princess would not dare to have murderous intentions towards the true king.
“Warning from a dream.” Mo Zhenren pondered for a moment and found that Zhenjun Yousi didn’t react at all. He nodded thoughtfully – in this way, it makes sense.
True Lord Yousi really did not notice the murderous intention, but it was hard to say that he was not aware of it, so he did not express his position and waited for Li Yongsheng’s explanation.
Now that he heard that even the nine-tailed fox flag had warned him, he believed it nine points in his heart – Master Fang was also from the Tianji Palace.
The most important thing is that based on the analysis of the current situation in the Qin Palace, the princess does have a motive to take action.
Yes, motivation and logic are the most important. For people like Zhenjun Yousi who are good at free mental verification, this is almost equal to evidence.
So he remained silent.
When King Qin heard this, his face turned paler – the key was that Lord Yousi did not refute it.
He hesitated for a moment, then voiced his doubts, “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Firstly, I’m not sure,” Li Yongsheng replied leisurely, “Secondly, this may be a family matter of the palace. I said it before I left. Just tell me, Zhenjun must have thought the same way.”
Zhenjun Yousi’s face was still expressionless, and he cursed in his heart: I didn’t notice the murderous intention at all, right?
However, Li Yongsheng was obviously trying to support him, and he couldn’t deny it, so he remained sullen and silent.
A trace of pain flashed across King Qin’s face – he really didn’t expect that his first wife, the princess, would hate him to such an extent.
However, he was an extremely selfish master after all. After struggling for a while, he quickly made a decision.
He sighed sadly, “Please Zhenjun take action and help me get that woman.”
“Hmph,” Zhenjun Yousi snorted disdainfully, “It’s very convenient for you to ask Zhenjun to call you because there is no one in your palace?” ”
The King of Qin drooped his eyelids and replied feebly, “After all, we have been a couple for more than 20 years, and I can’t do anything about it.” No matter how
/self-centered a person is, there are things he cares about. The same is true for the King of Qin. He has no feelings fo