nyway, if there are people in the Tuoba family who are willing to give up this shameful surname, there is still hope of survival.

nyway, if there are people in the Tuoba family who are willing to give up this shameful surname, there is still hope of survival.
“What about the Murong family?” someone asked.
“The Murong family, don’t you need to change your surname?” Li Yongsheng turned his head and glanced at Du Jingjing, “Can you apply to Xuannv Palace for a clan execution order?”
Compared with the Tuoba family, he hated the Murong family more. This family not only cannibalizes people, but also He wantonly slaughtered the nations of Middle-earth without any shame, knelt down and licked the strong man when he met him, and betrayed his master when he found that he was unreliable. He was a model of shamelessness.
Just one thing can prove the Murong family’s sense of shame. No one in this clan has changed their surname.
Just think about it and you will know, if someone asks – is your family the same Murong family that used to eat people?
Their answer must be – well, ahem, we stopped eating humans a long time ago.
Du Jingjing didn’t quite understand this point. After all, the Qu’adu family had lived in the southeast for generations.
However, when Li Yongsheng asked, she must be trying to save face, “Is there any reason for the clan’s execution order?”
At this moment, the cultivator who had all the fingers on his hands cut off screamed desperately, “I remembered, Mo Mo.” Bei Murong, the Murong family in Mobei, seems to have also sent Hua Xiu to sneak attack without weapons!”
/Hearing this, Gongsun Weiming stood up on the ground and spoke in a sinister voice, “Is this true?”
The Hua Xiu was stunned for a moment. Stunned, after thinking for a long time, he nodded heavily, “Seriously, I’m very sure of this.” ”
That’s enough,” Gongsun Dangxing slightly cupped his hands towards Du Jingjing and said simply, “I’ll leave this matter to Deacon Du. The Gongsun family will be grateful.”
“The family execution order,” Du Jingjing hesitated, you know, this clan execution order sounds majestic, and it is really not easy to apply casually.
Take the Xuannv Palace as an example. If someone is found to be involved in wild sacrifices on their own territory, the clan will inevitably be executed. But that is only a small clan with hundreds or thousands of people. As long as the evidence is solid, it will be okay to execute several families one after another.
But a big clan with more than ten thousand people can’t just issue clan orders. This thing is too terrifying.
In a normal and orderly society, all weapons of mass murder that can cause widespread panic cannot be used casually.
Especially you can’t use it on Li Shu casually, otherwise it will be a scene of troubled times.
The default rule of the Taoist palace and the government is that clan execution orders for large clans with more than 10,000 people can only occur once a year at most.
Of course, this is an unspoken rule. If the Crescent Kingdom invades, it would be normal to do so ten times a year.
It is precisely because of such unspoken rules that although there is a lot of tro