It is not easy to get points here. He is a peak-level soldier and needs to start a formal battle with other peak-level soldiers. After winning, he can get very few points, and only new opponents will get points. This makes Points are harder to earn.
Only by fighting beyond a higher level will the points obtained be doubled. However, a peak-level soldier cannot fight beyond a higher level. Should he be allowed to fight against the extraordinary?
Therefore, James’ points have been accumulated over a long period of time, just because he invited David to participate in the Lenka Cup. Without second-level weapons, David’s combat power cannot be fully utilized. This is also a necessary investment.
“If I have points, can I get higher-level weapons?” David asked after taking the second-level heavy axe.
“Impossible. The points for a third-level weapon are an astronomical number. No one can redeem it, and Skynet will not allow such a thing that disrupts the balance to happen!” James shook his head and replied.
David returned the first-grade heavy ax and carried the second-grade heavy ax behind his back. After putting down his visor, no one could recognize him.
“Let’s go, I’ll take you to sign up!” James came to the door of the lounge, operated the door and said.
David saw that James entered the keyword “Lenka Cup Registration”, and then James opened the door. Behind the door was an office hall, with the words “Lenka Cup Registration Office” floating in the air.
This is the convenience of the virtual world. As long as you determine the target location, you can reach it instantly.
The office hall of the registration office was full of soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor, some with their faces exposed, but most of them wore face shields.
There are twenty teams queuing up here, and James and David are standing at the end of one of the teams.
“Why do we still need to line up?” David asked strangely.
/To know about this virtual world, if you want to register, you only need to submit an application.
/“In addition to not having to rush, this virtual world tries its best to ensure that everything is real. You can think of this place as an extension of the real world!” James explained softly.
When the two of them walked in, they were the last of all the soldiers, and no one noticed them.
But when the newly-appeared soldier saw the nickname above David’s head, he couldn’t help but scream.
“What an arrogant name!”
Following the soldier’s cry, hundreds of soldiers in the registration hall looked in this direction, and also saw the nickname “Invincible” above David’s head.
Everyone looked at David and wondered what kind of soldier could be worthy of the nickname “Invincible”.
Because of the extreme authenticity here, no soldiers dared to cause trouble in this registration hall, so the scene was a bit chaotic, but there was no trouble for the soldiers to find David, but there was just a lot more discussion.
“Sign up for the double team competition!” After waiting for a while, James and David finally arrived. James said to