me to establish your authority and show it to others.

me to establish your authority and show it to others.
However, according to Li Yongsheng’s suggestion, although the court had achieved its purpose of strengthening the management of the hidden family, the ban became an “approval” and it was only for five years. This was not what he wanted.
/However, this request is not too much, especially in the past few days, the Du family actually did nothing wrong. They helped protect Zhao Xinxin and her party.
The Hidden World family often takes on difficult security missions, but this time they are still members of the royal family. What went wrong?
If I were to say that I was wrong, it was the Wei family who was most wrong.
But Zhenjun Wuxin also knows that Tianji Palace really can’t do anything to the Wei family. Needless to say, there are reasons behind it.
He was a little unhappy that things turned out like this, so he nodded, “That’s it, it’s settled. You don’t have to go to Tianji Palace, just go to the Chao’an Security Bureau.”
People from the Chao’an Security Bureau were also sitting there. A middle-level cultivator, he nodded when he heard this, with no expression on his face.
What expression should he have? For the Chao’an Security Bureau, reclusive families are the most difficult to deal with. Just look at the Yi’an Lin family in Baiyue County and you will know that a mere semi-reclusive family dared to hack into the Linggu where the Chao’an Security Bureau’s director was cultivating.
The strength of the North Korean Security Bureau is based on secular power, and it is basically helpless against those forces that have left the mortal world.
They are responsible for approving the Du family’s entry into Youzhou County. What can they get? Do you still dare to eat and take cards?
If someone gives you some hard-earned money, then give it to you. If you don’t pay, things still have to be done.
If someone from the Du family enters Youzhou County without permission, they will bear part of the responsibility and even help cover it up.
The Du family is not prohibited from entering Youzhou, but has to go through formalities. If it is prohibited, then it is easier to say that if they are found out, they will be rounded up and killed directly, and the Du family will be held accountable, but there is only one procedure that has not been completed, that is, they will be expelled. At least Can’t kill.
/For the Chao Security Bureau, this is a thankless job. There is no chance to eat meat or soup, and there is a high possibility of being beaten. But Zhenjun has spoken, what can they say?
Master Zhang of Tianji Palace wanted to say something, but he moved his mouth, but in the end he remained silent.
He wanted to transfer the review power to the Tianji Palace, and he could also take the opportunity to vent his anger – how dare a mere junior cultivator dare to yell at me?
However, the words spoken by Zhenjun already carry a lot of weight. When I think about it again, whether the Du family enters Youzhou County actually involves a fight within the royal f