can cook? I don’t want to call the retinue over.”

can cook? I don’t want to call the retinue over.”
Even if she was practicing in Xuannv Palace, there would be retinue accompanying her, but those people could not enter. Among the six peaks, there are two on the outer nine peaks. It was Master Li who came forward, and Xuannv Palace made a special decision for the sake of King Ying.
The remaining three retinues are all in Suzaku City.
However, Zhao Xinxin doesn’t like to have followers following her. She is determined to conquer the world with her bare hands.
“I’ll do it,” Li Yongsheng volunteered, “Who can help me?” The one
/who did it was naturally Deng Die. She couldn’t use her junior sister, and she wasn’t qualified to command Zhang Muzi, so she had to rely on herself.
As long as I can get a storage bag, what does this little grievance mean?
Soon, she discovered that it was not a grievance at all. Although it took some effort, it was really delicious.
/Li Yongsheng had the soul fragment of the great foodie empire. The pheasant was turned into beggar’s chicken, the snake was boiled into snake soup, but the deer was marinated with seasonings and made into barbecue.
It is said that marinating raw meat takes a while, but for practitioners, this is really nothing. Just use spiritual energy to penetrate the seasonings. Although the taste is slightly worse than natural penetration, most people really can’t eat much. difference.
Those three ate very well.
The place where they were cooking was almost a mile away from the yard. When they saw the smoke rising from the fireworks, the Taoist boy in the yard came over to take a look. He found that Deng Die and Zhao Xinxin were present and left without saying a word.
Zhao Xinxin’s favorite is snake soup. “I always thought that snake meat tastes best when dipped in spicy sauce, but I didn’t expect that there is such a way to eat it. The key is that bamboo shoots are added to it, and even the soup is so delicious!
” Snake meat is also eaten in Tu Kingdom, but it is boiled in plain water and eaten with condiments. No one eats the soup.
Li Yongsheng grabbed a beggar’s chicken and gnawed it with a smile without saying anything. He liked to see Yongxin narrowing her eyes into a thin line and looking intoxicated – even if her name was Zhao Xinxin at the moment.
Zhang Muzi took a piece of deer rib and gnawed on it, and suddenly said, “Zhao Xinxin, was your name Yongxin before?” ”
Oh, that’s my nickname,” Zhao Xinxin drank the bowl happily. Snake soup, he raised his hand to grab the deer’s front legs, and then she froze and looked sideways at her, “How do you know?”
“I don’t know,” Zhang Muzi picked up the wine pot and drank a lot. Taking a bite, he pointed at Li Yongsheng with the rib in his hand, “This guy said that.”
Zhao Xinxin glanced at Li Yongsheng, curled her lips, stopped talking, brought the deer leg in front of her, took out a knife, cut off a piece of meat, and used She grabbed it with her hand and stuffed it into her mouth – in front of the delicious food, she no longer cared about the