of fifty silver dollars. The deputy master said, you damn near killed me. If I hadn’t been more cautious, I would have been fooled by you.

of fifty silver dollars. The deputy master said, you damn near killed me. If I hadn’t been more cautious, I would have been fooled by you.
Shenma, you said that seminarian is not that capable? What bastard said that?
That guy can even kill people from the Chao Security Bureau. If you don’t believe in evil, go ahead.
Anyway, the palm technique was full of resentment, and the Wu family didn’t dare to say anything. The fifty silver dollars would be wasted.
At this juncture, someone from the Wu family who was doing business in other places came back and volunteered that I had met a Taoist priest of the Zisun Temple and asked him to come and talk about it. Li Yongsheng must not dare not buy it.
If you really don’t want to buy it, you can simply let the Taoist priest kill the person – of course, there is also a cost issue.
Expenses seven have been spent! This time the people in the Seven Branches were very happy to spend money to save people. Most of the expenses should not be paid into public accounts, otherwise it would be difficult to handle similar situations in the future.
But the clan can pay to buy and kill people – this is a matter of encouragement for the entire Qizhang, and it is a matter of enhancing cohesion.
The Taoist priest’s surname was Chen. He was young and looked like a white-faced scholar. He didn’t pay much attention to others, but he was not too difficult to talk to. He said that he would go and take a look at the situation first. As for killing people, he was non-committal.
However, he also said that if he could easily kill a small person, it wouldn’t matter whether it was money or not. “This is the friendship between me and Brother Erhuan. If not, how can people in the Taoist sect be hired with just money?”
Daochang Chen On the second day, he followed Wu Erhuan into Shuntian Mansion.
When he came to Xiliu Lane, there was a carriage parked not far away. He didn’t pay attention and walked inside.
After walking a few steps, a Wu family member who had been here last time pointed in a certain direction and said, “That’s right there. That old guy is Miss Wu, and the man sitting over there is Li Yongsheng.” Daochang Chen
followed his path . He looked with his fingers, took two more steps, stopped suddenly, and then lightly sipped the toothbrush, “Let me go, what is the relationship between the woman in the middle and Wu Xiaonv?”
Under the lilac tree, a man and two women were sitting upright. During the tea tasting, Miss Wu didn’t sit down, she just stood by the side, serving tea and water for the three of them, with a happy face.
“This woman is very close to Li Yongsheng and not familiar with Wu Xiaonv,” the Wu family replied softly. “It is said that she has some background.” “She has more
than just some background? She is a disciple of Beiji Palace,” Daochang Chen His face became ugly, “Brother Erhuan, you are really making things difficult for me. I’ll go. Who is that long-legged woman close to?” The
/Wu family took a closer look and shook their heads in shame, “This We