the door of the cage opened, and the white rat jumped out.

David also moved, his speed was faster than the white mouse. The white mouse had just escaped from the cage and when its body was still in mid-air, David came to the side of the white mouse.
Because the speed was so fast, David still had time to adjust his body before swinging out the ‘Super Spur’ in his hand.
It can be said that this white rat died under such a weapon, and it was definitely luckier than the other white rats. There are not many “extraordinary weapons” in the Interstellar Federation, and most of the “extraordinary weapons” have become collections.
When the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’ was swung out, David’s arm disappeared for a while. This was the effect of his spatial ability. Driven by the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’, his arm made an ultra-short-distance space jump.
Then the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ was pierced into the body of the white rat. Because it was a test of its power, David did not choose the vital parts of the white rat, but pierced it into the back of the white rat.
Although this part is also very important, it will not cause the rat to die instantly.
The white rat was impaled on the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’. It didn’t even struggle, it just stood still, and then fell from the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’ to the ground due to gravity.
In the process of falling downward, David felt that the falling speed was abnormal.
He looked at the falling speed, as if the density of the white rat had changed, causing it to fall faster than normal.
Having reached David’s current strength, his eyes can see some extremely small differences.
The eyes of this white rat are still moving, but the body cannot move at all. It seems to be still alive, and there is no imaginary petrification outside the body.
“Jonson, get the white mouse to the workbench!” Master McIntosh said to Jonson’s assistant with great interest.
“Master, the weight of this rat is wrong!” Assistant Jonson immediately felt something was wrong when he lifted the rat, and he reported to Master McIntosh.
Master McIntosh nodded. At this moment, the white mouse was placed on the workbench. A fixed lock appeared on the workbench and stuck the white mouse on the workbench.
/He took out a laser knife and cut the skin of the white rat’s back wound. As soon as he cut the skin, he saw rocks.
On the back of the white rat, a rock appeared under the skin.
/Needless to say, this is the effect of the ‘Super Spur’. The petrification ability caused rocks to appear on the back of the white mouse.
Master McIntosh continued the dissection, and then David finally understood why the white mouse could not move.
The ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ is pierced into the back of the white rat, where there is the spine. When the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ pierces the skin and comes into contact with the spine, the petrification ability is activated, converting the spine and a piece of flesh and blood into rock.
The white rat that lost part of its spine, of course, lost its ability to move