“Could it be that the pattern on the surface affects the signal of the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures instrument’?” David whispered.
He controlled Shadow Warrior to fly to the aircraft and wanted Shadow Warrior to enter it. However, Shadow Warrior encountered huge resistance this time. This resistance was so strong that Shadow Warrior failed many attempts.
Looking at the aircraft in front of him, David felt helpless.
If he had a second-level long sword in his hand, he would have the idea of ??splitting its outer shell.
He had a feeling that the aircraft in front of him was more precious than Galen’s Black Phantom, because he could understand the Black Phantom, but he couldn’t understand the aircraft in front of him at all.
David had the feeling of standing beside a mountain of treasure but unable to enter it.
In the Interstellar Federation, aircraft are extremely valuable means of transportation. Although there are permission requirements that require drivers to have certain social permissions, it is the dream of almost everyone.
The Black Ghost, like Galen, can fly inside the rock star planet at super high speeds. Even if it encounters a second-level Zerg, it can escape at its speed, not to mention that the Black Ghost has the ability to fly into space.
“Hey!” David sighed. After many experiments, he finally gave up the idea of ??claiming the aircraft in front of him as his own.
He looked at the time. The lunch break was almost over and he had to leave.
At this time, he also understood why trainer Jeremy had come over. It was to prepare for the night’s operation and to check the status of the aircraft in advance.
It’s just that David doesn’t know where the so-called transportation point is, and he needs such an aircraft to send it there.
He reluctantly closed the ground, carefully cleaned up the traces, and then left the warehouse. He once again used the ability of Shadow Warrior to avoid the workers and left the garbage disposal factory through the side door.
The Gladstone III was parked in the darkness not far from the garbage disposal plant, where it could not be illuminated by street lights, and the body of the Gladstone III could not be seen from the street.
David was sitting in the car at this time, with a scabbard on his back and a replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ covered by a cloth in his hand.
Although the sound of the ‘Eye of Death’ replica is loud, this is an industrial area. There are almost no people here at night. At night, the safety here is completely handed over to the security system.
/David spent the entire afternoon breaking through all the security systems in the nearby industrial area and then installed control programs in them.
Since he brought the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation here today, he just wanted to solve the trouble remotely.
Sniping a person without exoskeleton armor, no matter how strong the person is, cannot block the power of the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation.
Although the power of the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation is not even one-tenth of the real ‘Eye of Death